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Anglican bishop of Ebbsfleet resigns to join Roman Catholic church

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An Anglican bishop opposed to the ordination of women has resigned to join the Roman Catholic church. Jonathan Goodall, the bishop of Ebbsfleet for the past eight years, said he had reached his decision “after a long ...

Adventures With the Painted People review – romantic revenge on a roamin’ Roman

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Pitlochry Festival theatre already has a claim to be the most beautifully situated in the country. Adesso, with the advent of an outdoor amphitheatre deep in the neighbouring gardens, it has one of the most idyllic stage...

Roman rotters, river otters and a ridiculous way to get caught – take the Thursday quiz

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Fifteen questions on general knowledge and topical news trivia every Thursday lunchtime – how will you fare?It is time. Thursday lunchtime. Time to enjoy our cunningly titled Thursday quiz. Fifteen questions on genera...

Stolen Roman frescoes returned to Pompeii after investigation

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Six fragments of wall frescoes stolen from the ruins of ancient Roman villas have been returned to Pompeii’s archaeological park, after an investigation by Italy’s cultural protection police squad. Three of the relics...

Kim Kardashian named in ‘looted’ Roman statue forfeiture claim

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The US government has named Kim Kardashian in a civil forfeiture claim for an ancient Roman statue seized at Los Angeles port in June 2016 that Italian officials think was originally looted from Italy. According to th...

Roman Kemp: ‘I have Bart Simpson’s face tattooed on my leg

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Growing up, I couldn’t stop watching The Simpsons. I first saw it when I was seven when I went to visit my cousin at uncle Gary’s house. He has this beautiful cottage in the Cotswolds, a very nice place, but when you’...

Russian police raid home of prominent journalist Roman Anin

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Russian police have briefly detained and interrogated Roman Anin, one of the country’s leading investigative journalists, in a criminal probe suspected to be motivated by revenge for his investigations into the Kremli...

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