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Emmanuel Macron insta a acelerar el lanzamiento del refuerzo Covid en Francia

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Emmanuel Macron ha pedido una aceleración de las vacunas de refuerzo de Covid-19 para personas mayores y vulnerables en Francia y anunció que muchos ciudadanos necesitarán una tercera vacuna para obtener un pase de salud válido a partir del próximo lunes..

BT scraps hunt for Openreach partner as fibre rollout costs fall

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BT has scrapped plans to find a joint venture partner to help fund the rollout of its next-generation broadband network to an extra 5 million homes, ahead of a potential takeover move by billionaire investor Patrick D...

‘We are protected by prayers’: the sects hampering southern Africa’s vaccine rollout

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Hymnal melodies reverberate around the hillside in Kuwadzana, a Harare suburb. On a blisteringly hot Saturday, members of the Apostolic church, dressed in white, hum and sing together. Canciones, long prayers and a little...

New Zealand’s weird and wonderful vaccine rollout

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You can do it in the cabin of a Dreamliner plane. You can do it at a race track. You can even do it in a fast food drive-through queue. New Zealand’s government is employing a host of increasingly weird and wonderful...

Global vaccine rollout vital to securing deal for nature, warns UN biodiversity chief

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Governments hoping for a global agreement to halt biodiversity loss must put more effort into access to Covid-19 vaccines for developing countries, the UN’s biodiversity chief has warned. Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, execu...

Experts divided over Covid booster shots days ahead of US rollout

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Mere days ahead of the Biden administration’s self-imposed deadline to begin Covid-19 booster shots, experts remain deeply divided over the benefits of a third jab, while health officials are scrambling to prepare for...

Covid-19 vaccine Australia rollout tracker: total number of people and per cent vaccinated, daily vaccine doses and rate of progress

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How does Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout and schedule compare with other countries, and when will Australia reach 70% y 80% double dose vaccination? We bring together the latest numbers on the vaccination ra...

Japan’s Moderna Covid vaccine rollout hit by recall and contamination scares

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The Moderna coronavirus vaccine programme in Japan has been hit by a series of contamination incidents, prompting it to recall 1.63m doses found to contain metal fragments. Other potential contaminants have been ident...

Covid Australia vaccine rollout tracker: total number of people and per cent vaccinated, daily vaccine doses and rate of progress

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Australia’s coronavirus vaccine rollout began in late February. Here we bring together the latest figures to track the progress of the rollout and Covid vaccination schedule. The data shows the total doses given in Au...

Six EU states overtake UK Covid vaccination rates as Britain’s rollout slows

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Six EU states have now fully inoculated a larger share of their total populations with a coronavirus vaccine than the UK, after the bloc’s dire initial rollout took off while Britain’s impressive early jab rate has s...

Correo matutino: vaccine rollout fails elderly, Tokyo glory, a centre of pride

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Buenos dias. Australia’s vaccine rollout still leaves many elderly people behind, a golden day in and on the water at the Tokyo Olympics, and Melbourne’s Victorian Pride Centre has finally opened its doors. Those sto...

Bhutan’s rapid Covid vaccine rollout hailed as international success story

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Bhutan has inoculated most of its eligible population with second doses of Covid-19 vaccinations in a week, in a speedy rollout hailed by Unicef as a “success story” for international donations. Más que 454,000 shot...

Aged care workers keen for Covid jab are being hampered by Australia’s ‘messy rollout’

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Anglicare Australia say its aged care workers are eager to be vaccinated but are being hampered by failures with the government’s “messy and confusing” rollout. Aged care workers have been given until 17 September to ...

Disappointment turns into despair in Australia as lockdowns and failed vaccine rollout bite

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At a press conference on Thursday morning, one day after a lockdown was extended by two weeks in Sydney and a few hours before a fifth lockdown would be declared in Melbourne, the premier of New South Wales grew flust...

‘It’s just like flu’: Misinformation and fear hamper Papua New Guinea’s Covid vaccine rollout

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Three months since Papua New Guinea launched its Covid vaccine rollout, sólo 60,000 people – or 0.6% of the population – have received their first dose, with many people hesitant due to misinformation and fears around...

India’s Covid vaccine rollout hit by hesitancy and supply snags

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India’s Covid vaccination rollout has continued to falter due to supply shortages and vaccine hesitancy, casting doubt on the government’s pledge to vaccinate the entire population by December. A number of states, inc...

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