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Roger Stone and Alex Jones among five to receive Capitol attack subpoenas

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The House select committee investigating the Capitol attack on Monday issued new subpoenas to five political operatives associated with Donald Trump, including Roger Stone and the far-right media star Alex Jones, soos t ...

‘Roger Moore collapsed one night. I thought he’d died’: how we made The Play What I Wrote

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Sean Foley, co-writer and performer It was all [produsent] David Pugh’s fault. In 1988 I’d set up a small two-person theatre company, The Right Size, with Hamish McColl, creating work that was somewhere between Europea...

Roger Norrington: a musical revolutionary bids farewell with Haydn, cheer and chat

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Not for Roger Norrington a grand and glitzy farewell in the capital surrounded by the metropolitan elite. Instead – good for him – arguably the most important British conductor of the last half century travelled north...

Roger Federer to miss Australian Open and casts doubts on Wimbledon

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Roger Federer has confirmed he will not feature in next year’s Australian Open – and says he would be “extremely surprised” if he plays at Wimbledon. In an interview with the Swiss publication Le Matin, the 40-year-ol...

Roger Taylor: ‘My most treasured possession? A massive statue of Freddie’

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Born in Norfolk, Roger Taylor, 72, is an original member of the band Queen, which formed in 1970. Their hits include Bohemian Rhapsody, We Will Rock You and Radio Ga Ga. Taylor’s new solo album is Outsider, and he is ...

Roger Michell: a superb director who brought the unexpected out of actors

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Roger Michell, wat op ouderdom oorlede is 65, had two great qualities as a theatre director: a love of actors and a reverence for writers. You might think those qualities are an indispensable part of the job but, at a time whe...

Roger Michell: a quiet genius still hitting his stride

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Roger Michell was the TV and movie director who had a midas touch with actors and with a particular type of English material: witty, literate, poignant and romantic. Michell was a master at directing anything on the c...

Roger Michell, acclaimed film and stage director, sterf bejaardes 65

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Roger Michell, the much-admired director of films including Notting Hill, Venus and My Cousin Rachel, has died. A statement from Michell’s publicist confirmed the news, sê: “It is with great sadness that the famil...

‘Up yours, Covid!’ Roger Bart on playing ‘Doc’ Emmett Brown

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Great Scott! The DeLorean screeches to a halt, smoke swirling around its tyres, and who should emerge but “Doc” Emmett Brown, with his white scare-cut and goggle-eyed expression. The matinee crowd at Back to the Futur...

The big picture: a moment of downtime by cinematographer Roger Deakins

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Long before he was a cinematographer, Roger Deakins was a photographer. The film-maker’s eye that has earned Deakins 15 Oscar nominations (and two Oscars) in celebrated work with the Coen brothers, Sam Mendes and othe...

Roger Federer says surgery will give him ‘glimmer of hope’ of return to tour

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Roger Federer is going to miss the US Open and be sidelined for what he said will be “many months” because he needs a third operation on his right knee. The Swiss said the procedure will leave him with “a glimmer of h...

Roger Federer will hate taste of bagel, but it is too soon to write him off

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Roger Federer has experienced so many different emotions over his 22-year Wimbledon career, unfettered joy and crushing despair alike, but as he stepped out to the baseline on Centre Court and served to stay in the ma...

Hubert Hurkacz humbles Roger Federer to make Wimbledon semi-finals

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The dream is over. If it was always unlikely that Roger Federer might somehow manage to win a record ninth title at Wimbledon at the age of 39, the events of the first week or so had turned many doubters into believer...

Roger Federer rolls back the years to reach 18th Wimbledon quarter-final

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If there was more than a hint of vulnerability about Roger Federer when he began his campaign at this year’s Wimbledon, it is fading fast. The 39-year-old defeated the world No 27 Lorenzo Sonego of Italy 7-5, 6-4, 6-2...

Men in Blazers’ Roger Bennett: ‘It’s a universal coming-of-age impulse to romanticize what you’re not’

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More than a third of Britons watched Dallas during the soap opera’s heyday. With only three TV channels before 1982, there wasn’t much else on. But the massive viewership also implied a nation eager for escapism. “Eas...

Roger Federer hou Cameron Norrie se terugvegpoging af om op Wimbledon aan te beweeg

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Na 'n uitdagende wedstryd in die openingsronde wat eindig met die uittrede van sy teenstander, Adrian Mannarino, dan 'n gewone tweede ronde oorwinning teen sy historiese slaansak, Richard Gasquet, toe Roger Federer stap..

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