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SpaceX rocket to take world’s first all-civilian crew into orbit

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The world’s first crew of “amateur astronauts” is preparing to blast off on a mission that will carry them into orbit before bringing them back down to Earth at the weekend. The four civilians, who have spent the past...

Russia rocket mishap briefly nudges International Space Station out of position

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Russia’s troubled Nauka laboratory module has caused a fright when its rockets accidentally fired after docking the with the International Space Station, briefly throwing the station out of position. A few hours after...

Rocket from the crypt! Phyllida Barlow on her Highgate cemetery sculpture

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Na 18 months of lying low, Phyllida Barlow is at large again. The artist’s hangar-like studio on a south London industrial estate is a yawning void, while on the other side of city, and across the sea in Germany, a ...

Why does Jeff Bezos’s rocket look like that? An inquiry

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Jeff Bezos’s 11-minute trip aboard a Blue Origin rocket to the edge of space on Tuesday left the world’s richest man feeling “unbelievably good” and his crew “very happy”. But afterwards, as he wondered aloud how fast...

Red Rocket review – Sean Baker’s vivid study of a washed-up porn star

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With Red Rocket, Sean Baker has given us an adult American pastoral, essentially a comedy, and another study of tough lives at the margin, close in spirit to his lo-fi breakthrough Tangerine. Akteur, rapper, comedian a...

Richard Branson flies to edge of space in Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane

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The British entrepreneur Richard Branson has successfully flown to the edge of space and back in his Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane, days ahead of a rival launch by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, as the billionair...

Die week in klank: Pieces of Britney; Elon Musk: The Evening Rocket; Human Resources and more

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Pieces of Britney (Radio 4) | BBC SoundsElon Musk: The Evening Rocket (Radio 4) | BBC SoundsHuman Resources Broccoli Productions | SpotifyThe Essay: Caribbean Voices (Radio 3) | BBC SoundsThe Kindness Experiment (Radi...

Jeff Bezos to go into space on first crewed flight of New Shepard rocket

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Jeff Bezos will no longer be the richest person on Earth on 20 July because the Amazon founder will be blasting off into space on the first crewed flight of his New Shepard rocket ship. Joining Bezos on the flight wil...

SpaceX rocket heads to ISS with a supply of squid, toothpaste and avocados

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SpaceX has launched a supply mission bound for the International Space Station on Thursday, carrying with it thousands of tiny sea creatures along with a plaque-fighting toothpaste experiment and powerful solar panels...

Nigel Slater se geroosterde lamskotelette, ertjies en roket resep

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Bring 'n mediumgrootte kastrol met water tot kookpunt. Voeg 150g ertjies by en laat dit staan 3 of 4 minute tot sag. Geur en olie liggies 6 groot skaaptjies. Plaas dit op 'n roosterpan of kook onder 'n warm rooster ...

Israel loods lugaanvalle op die Gazastrook ná Hamas se vuurpylaanvalle

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Die spanning tussen Israel en die Palestyne het Maandag dramaties toegeneem toe militante groepe in Gaza vuurpyle na Israel afgevuur het en Israel reageer met aanvalle op die Palestynse kusgebied na die botsing..

Beeldmateriaal wys puin van China se grootste vuurpyl wat na die aarde val - video

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Die oorblyfsels van China se grootste vuurpyl sak terug na die aarde, in die Indiese Oseaan naby die Maledive dompel, volgens Chinese staatsmedia en mense in Oman en Jordanië wat beeldmateriaal van sy lig in die ....

Chinese raketafval stort terug na die aarde, stort in die Indiese Oseaan - staatsmedia

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Die oorblyfsels van China se grootste vuurpyl het teruggeval na die aarde, in die Indiese Oseaan naby die Maledive dompel, volgens Chinese staatsmedia. Die meeste puin het in die atmosfeer opgebrand, dit berig, sit ...

US military has ‘no plan’ to shoot down debris from Chinese rocket

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The US military has no plan to shoot down the remnants of a large Chinese rocket expected to plunge back through the atmosphere this weekend, the defense secretary said on Thursday. Speaking with reporters, Lloyd Aust...

‘Out-of-control’ Chinese rocket tumbling to Earth

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Part of a huge rocket that launched China’s first module for its Tianhe space station is falling back to Earth and could make an uncontrolled re-entry at an unknown landing point. The 30-metre high core of the Long Ma...

‘What is that?’: SpaceX rocket debris causes strange lights in night sky – video

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Residents in the Portland area of Oregon report sightings of strange lights streaking across the sky, which turned out to be debris from a SpaceX rocket launched in Florida 22 days ago. The rocke re-entered the atmosp...

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