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The Snuts review – homecoming rockers inspire flying pints and overturned chairs

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From the second the Snuts step on stage, the crowd is a coiled spring. It was always a big ask: could these home-town heroes, just months after they become the first Scottish band to debut an album at No 1 en 14 años...

Prog rockers sussed out Boris Johnson years ago

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Let me get this right: lockdown was damaging the economy through the restrictions imposed on trade and commerce. So “freedom” is declared. But the accompanying upsurge of the Johnson variant and increase in infections...

WITCH: We Intend to Cause Havoc review – the history of Zamrock, Africa’s great forgotten rockers

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Who knew 1970s Zambia had its own thriving musical genre? This modest documentary revisits the brief, almost-forgotten history of “Zamrock” – or at least what remains of it, which appears to be very little beyond the ...