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Batman & Robin: time to revisit Joel Schumacher’s maligned, silly and endlessly quotable film

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Serious comic book fans and discerning cinephiles consider director Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin from 1997 one of the worst films ever made – but they are wrong. It’s easily more entertaining than Christopher ...

Robin Olsen: from Roma reject to a giant for Sweden at Euros

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Yes, it is that Robin Olsen. The goalkeeper who has failed to establish himself at Roma and been loaned out twice, the one who made only seven league appearances in eight months for Everton in 2020-21 and the one who ...

Robin Gosens and the deal that put him on the road to Germany stardom

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On a Tuesday night in October 2013, Harry van den Ham went on a scouting mission. He was trying to get Dordrecht, an unfashionable club 10 miles outside Rotterdam, promoted but felt his side needed something extra in ...

Land review – Robin Wright goes mild in the country

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Edee (Robin Wright, who also directs) ditches her phone, abandons her car, and isolates herself in a remote cabin in Wyoming, attempting to bury her grief in the mountains. Except she’s woefully unprepared, unable to ...

Psigedelika verander die manier waarop ons depressie verstaan ​​en die behandeling daarvan

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Geestesongesteldheid is die 21ste eeu se grootste oorsaak van gestremdheid, 'n geraamde miljard mense regoor die wêreld raak. Depressie is die grootste bydraer: meer as 250 miljoen mense het hierdie toestand glob ...

Undermining the AstraZeneca jab is a dangerous act of political folly

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It has been a disquieting week for those concerned about the lifting of Covid restrictions. Numbers of cases and deaths may be declining but the news that the AstraZeneca vaccine has been linked to cases of rare blood...