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Correo matutino: Novavax vaccine delay, key evidence in Ben Roberts-Smith trial, celluloid classic

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Buenos dias. Australia’s vaccination program has hit another hurdle and Covid testing labs are “drowning” from record testing turnouts. Thankfully we have the Olympics to add some entertainment amid lockdown uncertai...

Ben Roberts-Smith: first Afghan witness tells court he saw ‘a big soldier’ kick his uncle off a cliff

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“A big soldier”, an Australian SAS trooper, kicked a handcuffed Afghan villager down a steep embankment, before the man’s body was later seen being dragged into an orchard, a court has heard in a pivotal day of eviden...

Ben Roberts-Smith defamation trial to resume to hear from four Afghan witnesses

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Ben Roberts-Smith’s Covid-derailed defamation trial will resume in a week, with the federal court to hear from four Afghan witnesses from a village where the ex-SAS soldier is alleged to have murdered an unarmed civil...

Ben Roberts-Smith wrote threatening letters to SAS soldier and set fire to his own laptop, corte dijo

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Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith has been accused in court, by newspapers defending a defamation claim, of writing an anonymous threat letter to another SAS soldier, warning him he would “go down” for murder...

The case in courtroom 18D: Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case set for momentous 12-week trial

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In the quiet formality of court 18D of Sydney’s federal court, one of the most decorated soldiers in the history of Australia’s military will this week swear an oath, sit in the witness box, and begin giving evidence ...

Dame Quentin Bryce seeks to withdraw from giving evidence on behalf of Ben Roberts-Smith

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Dame Quentin Bryce, the former governor general who pinned Ben Roberts-Smith’s Victoria Cross to his chest, is understood to be seeking to withdraw from giving evidence on his behalf in his upcoming defamation trial. ...

Ben Roberts-Smith wiped laptop containing ‘national security issues’ after being asked not to, la corte escucha

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Victoria Cross winner Ben Roberts-Smith wiped a laptop containing “national security” issues, five days after being formally requested by lawyers to retain them, the federal court has heard. His wiping of potentially ...

Ben Roberts-Smith: trial of the century gets bigger with media empires as well as soldiers at war

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The accusations could not be more serious, nor the stakes higher. But with each new allegation, each twist of an already bloody story, the stakes ratchet up a little more. Australia’s most decorated living soldier sta...

Kerry Stokes to remain war memorial chair despite criticism of his support for Ben Roberts-Smith

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The Morrison government is backing Kerry Stokes to continue overseeing the Australian War Memorial amid new reports about the media baron’s support for former soldier Ben Roberts-Smith, who is seeking to clear his nam...

Australia noticias en vivo: Kerry Stokes stands by Ben Roberts-Smith after reports of fresh allegations

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Seven Network confirms it will continue to employ the Australian soldier as a senior executive. Follow updates live