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John Roberts is no longer the leader of his own court. Who, luego, controls it?

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When Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the decisive vote in 2012 that upheld Barack Obama’s signature achievement in office, the Affordable Care Act, he reportedly did so following after a month-long campaign by fe...

People in the UK want bold climate action – why aren’t politicians listening?

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The fight against climate change is often presented as a binary decision between a costly but sustainable future or missing environmental targets while protecting people’s jobs. Not only is this framing environmentall...

Genetic counselling will be key to help parents navigate changes in prenatal testing

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As a genetic counsellor I try to help people make sense of genetics, inheritance and their family history. One important area is having conversations with parents who have an increased risk of having a child born with...

Ancestors by Alice Roberts review – a story of movement and migration

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En 2002, not far from Amesbury in southern Wiltshire and a mile or so from Stonehenge, archaeologists were investigating the site of a new school when they discovered something remarkable. It was the grave of a man, a...

El diputado conservador Rob Roberts se enfrenta a una suspensión de la Cámara de los Comunes por incumplimiento de acoso sexual

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El diputado conservador Rob Roberts se enfrenta a una suspensión de seis semanas de la Cámara de los Comunes por violar la política de acoso sexual del parlamento, pero puede seguir ejerciendo como diputado. Según un informe publicado el martes ...

Oral RobertsCinderella run is a feelgood tale. Its anti-LGBTQ legacy is anything but

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There may be no better example of why the NCAA men’s basketball tournament holds a nation of 330 million people in its thrall for three weeks every year than Oral Roberts University. The tiny evangelical school from O...