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Margot Robbie returns to Ramsay Street for Neighbours finale

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The Oscar-nominated actor Margot Robbie will join a handful of international stars returning to Ramsay Street for the final episode of the long-running Australian soap Neighbours. The 32-year-old, who starred in The S...

We obeyed Covid rules as our dad died. I’m angry the PM has dodged a Partygate reckoning

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Hearing the news that Boris Johnson appears to have to got away with “Partygate” quite simply made me angry. The number of fines that he personally receives – which people now think will only be the one – doesn’t matt...

Robbie Dunne admits to acting in ‘violent manner’ towards Bryony Frost

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The National Hunt jockey Robbie Dunne targeted his fellow rider Bryony Frost in a campaign of bullying and harassment which included “foul, sexually abusive and misogynistic language”, threats to “cause her serious ph...