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Ready for the roaring 20s? It’s time to re-learn how to have fun, says happiness professor

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After a year-and-a-half of loss, sickness and stress caused by the pandemic, burnout is high and morale is low. But in some positive news, according to Laurie Santos, Yale’s “happiness professor”, the way to feel bett...

September fashion glossies hail the arrival of a post-lockdown roaring 20s

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In an unusual move, the cover of British Vogue features the time the photograph on it was shot: 4.57soy. The image, of actor and activist Gemma Chan reclining on a boat on the Thames as the sun rises, is symbolic of a ...

The dancehall divas who set the pace in Egypt’s roaring 20s

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The birth of the women’s movement in Egypt is not usually associated with music hall singers, dancers and actresses. But it was on the stages of theatres and nightclubs in Cairo, in the roaring 20s, that early feminis...

The bob is back! Does the world’s most popular haircut herald a new roaring 20s?

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Nombre: The bob. Envejecer: Originated in the 1890s. Apariencia: Short, unfussy, wildly popular. For the sake of clarification, we’re talking about the haircut, Derecha? No, we’re talking about Bob Hoskins. Of course we’re tal...

Roaring success of Scottish windfarm shows global potential

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It took 10 years to develop the first floating windfarm and it seemed to some a dangerous gamble to put it 15 miles off Aberdeen in the stormiest waters of the North Sea. But after three years of being in operation it...