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UK Covid: 27,734 new cases as Welsh first minister criticises ‘risky’ travel plan for US and EU fully jabbed – as it happened

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This live blog is now closed. For the latest coronavirus updates from around the world, you can read our global Covid blog

Sydney police fine hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters for ‘filthy, risky behaviour’

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Hundreds of fines have been issued and dozens charged in Sydney after anti-lockdown protesters marched and clashed with police in what one deputy commissioner called “violent, filthy, risky behaviour”. The New South W...

Hamlet review – Ian McKellen’s risky prince reveals method in the madness

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This Hamlet, starring 82-year-old Ian McKellen as the quixotic prince, has endured high-profile setbacks including the departure of two key actors during the preview period. It officially opened, at its delayed press ...