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Cutting City regulation risks another financial crash, say economists

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'N Groep van 58 leading economists and politicians, including the former business minister Vince Cable, has written to the chancellor to say that scaling back City regulation will put the UK at risk of another financial...

Ireland says UK risks sending message it will break treaties in Brexit row

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Plans to shred parts of the Northern Ireland protocol “would send headlines around the world” that the UK is prepared to break treaties, Ireland’s foreign minister has said, as a British cabinet minister insisted the ...

UK risks reputation if it breaches Northern Ireland protocol, warns May

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Theresa May has warned Boris Johnson that tearing up parts of the Northern Ireland protocol could harm Britain’s reputation for abiding by international law, as the UK and EU remained at a standstill in negotiations. ...

Presence of Russian mercenaries in Mali risks bloody backlash, sê kenners

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Western officials told the Guardian earlier this year that the Wagner mercenary group was the “thin end of the wedge” and a “Trojan horse” for a Russian effort to extend its influence covertly in resource-rich and uns...

Biggest boom in City bonuses for years risks driving up inequality, says IFS

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Inequality in Britain risks being driven up by the biggest boom in City bonuses and pay since the 2008 finansiële krisis, the country’s leading economics thinktank has warned. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) sai ...

The west won’t win in Ukraine without taking risks

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They named themselves the Ukraine Defence Consultative Group and vowed to meet monthly until the war is won. A catchier, more accurate title would be the Stop Mad Vlad Coalition. That’s surely how Russia’s friendless,...

Liz Truss risks recklessly inflaming Ukraine’s war to serve her own ambition

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Die minister van buitelandse sake, Liz Truss, is playing with fire. On Wednesday night she described Russia’s Vladimir Putin as a “rogue operator” lacking rationality, and with “no interest in international norms”. As gevolg daarvan, s ...

Using geoengineering to slow global heating risks malaria rise, sê wetenskaplikes

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Geoengineering to prevent the worst impacts of climate breakdown could expose up to a billion more people to malaria, scientists have found. Die verslag, published in Nature Communications, is the first assessment of h...

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End of free Covid testing risks creating ‘a perfect storm’ for UK economy

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The removal of free Covid tests is an “anti-business” measure that risks hitting the economy as it faces spiralling costs and uncertainty, ministers have been warned. Some workplaces are already seeing teams hit hard ...

UK plan to label Houthis as terrorists risks disaster in Yemen, aid bodies warn

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Yemen could be afflicted by an even worse humanitarian catastrophe if the UK government goes ahead with a plan to designate the Houthi rebels as a terrorist group, leading aid agencies have warned cabinet ministers in...

South-east Australia risks temporary gas shortages by 2023 winter, energy review warns

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South-eastAustralia could face gas shortages as soon as the 2023 winter because of delays for a planned NSW import terminal and falling Bass Strait output, according to the annual review of the sector by the Australia...

Kanada: key Conservative says party risks takeover by far-right ‘lunatics’

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Alberta’s premier has called fellow Conservatives “lunatics” who are “trying to take over the asylum” as a populist mutiny in his party foreshadows a bitter fight for the future of Canada’s Conservative movement. In a...

Anti-Islam rhetoric in French election risks ‘spiral of hatred’, says Paris mosque rector

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A rise in anti-Islam rhetoric in the French presidential election campaign risks creating a “spiral of hatred”, scapegoating law-abiding Muslims in a similar way to the discourse against Jews in the 1930s, the rector ...

UK’s Homes for Ukraine scheme risks operating as ‘Tinder for sex traffickers’, say charities

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Michael Gove’s Homes for Ukraine scheme risks operating as “Tinder for sex traffickers” according to experts. The warning comes as evidence emerges that UK-based criminals are targeting women and children fleeing the ...

UK asbestos maker withheld information on material’s risks, court papers show

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One of the UK’s biggest manufacturers of asbestos and the industry bodies that it co-founded historically withheld information on risks posed by the carcinogenic material, playing down the dangers while lobbying the g...

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