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You cannot sneeze in public any more without risking glares – but I’ve just eaten this bowl of hot wings

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It used to be that you’d get a bit of a cold – a wee sniffle – and be sent on your way with a hanky tucked into your sleeve and a packet of Butter Menthols in your pocket. You and your cold would then just go about yo...

Canada to ban Huawei and ZTE from 5G network, risking China tensions

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Canada says it will ban Huawei and ZTE from the country’s 5G network, a move that puts it in line with intelligence-sharing allies, but risks further chilling relations with China. The federal government made the anno...

Ukraine is already winning: victory can be achieved without risking nuclear war

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Oekraïne, with some western help, has won a great victory, and the original aim of Russia’s invasion – to capture Kyiv and replace the Ukrainian government – has been utterly defeated. The Russian army has now regroupe...

Risking it all: migrants brave Darién Gap in pursuit of the American dream

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José Moreno and Katerin Huertas have walked and hitchhiked hundreds of miles. Moreno, 20, wears beach sandals and carries a backpack stuffed with baby clothes, nappies and oat milk. Huertas, 22, carries their seven-mo...

Women risking their health to source HRT amid shortages, UK GP chief warns

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The hormone replacement therapy (HRT) supply crisis must be resolved quickly because “so many women” are experiencing distress and some are risking serious side effects by using medication prescribed to others, the UK...

Diesel tanker sinks off Tunisia risking environmental disaster

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A tanker carrying 750 tonnes of diesel fuel from Egypt to Malta sank in the Gulf of Gabes off Tunisia’s south-east coast, sparking a rush to avoid a spill. The Equatorial Guinea-flagged Xelo was sailing from the Egypt...

Myanmar: the reporters risking everything to cover a forgotten conflict – podcast

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After a military coup in February 2021, the grinding conflict in Myanmar has entered its second year with no resolution in sight. There is a danger the world has started forgetting, says reporter Emily Fishbein ...

Arbeid beweer Britse ministers waag die opkoms van nuwe Covid-variante

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Arbeid het beweer ministers waag die opkoms van ander Covid-variante soos Omicron deur 'n poging deur armer lande om hul eie entstowwe te vervaardig, te stuit.. Die Britse regering het "aktief geblokkeer count ...

The Guardian view on risking England’s health: not everyone can choose to stay safe

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“The purpose of the state is freedom,” the Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza wrote. Its aim is to liberate everyone from fear, het hy aangevoer, “so that they may live in security so far as is possible, dit is, so that they ...