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Ark on Scottish hillside attracts rising tide of interest

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When Argyll and Bute council’s planning department asked David Blair if the huge wooden ark he had raised on a hillside overlooking the Kyles of Bute was a permanent structure, he did not think long about his answer. ...

Covid levels rising among schoolchildren in England, muestra de datos

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Coronavirus infection levels have risen in schoolchildren in England, los datos han revelado, with more than one in 37 of those in years 7 a 11 estimated to have had Covid last week. Experts say the findings could be link...

Lo primero: health experts warn of rising Covid rates among US schoolchildren

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Buenos dias. While many parents might be relieved to be sending their children off to school this week, health experts are highlighting a troubling trend: hundreds of thousands of them are testing positive for Covid....

Extreme views and conspiracism rising among England’s pupils, research finds

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Teachers are reporting a rise in extremist views and conspiracy theories among pupils, which they warn will be left to fester unless schools equip them with training and resources to tackle dangerous thinking and ideo...

Five rising stars on why film and TV needs to be more diverse

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New Zealand won’t ‘throw in towel’ on Covid-zero strategy despite rising infections

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New Zealand’s Covid response minister says the country will not “throw in the towel” with its elimination strategy, as cases continue to rise. New Zealand announced 63 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, bringing the ...

Woman filmed rising floodwaters in Tennessee, and seconds later was drowned

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A harrowing video posted to Facebook captured the terrifying moments a woman filmed as the floodwaters surged past her house, seconds before she herself was swept to her death. The 70-second clip shows Linda Almond, ...

Actualización de Victoria Covid: Daniel Andrews insists lockdown is working despite daily cases rising to 57

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The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, has sought to reassure Melburnians the state’s Covid response is working after 57 new cases of Covid-19, the highest daily figure since last year’s deadly second wave. As Melbour...

French police investigate rising number of fake Covid vaccine certificates

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Police in France are investigating a series of Covid-19 vaccine certificate scams after several doctors reported having their health service accounts hacked. In the latest incident, one of several forgery rackets unde...

Fleeing the Taliban: Afghans met with rising anti-refugee hostility in Turkey

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It was a journey that had taken weeks, and there were times when the 65-year-old Afghan widow, who walks with the aid of a stick, had to be carried by her son. Their trek, al otro lado de 15 canyons she says, left Durdana with...

Locked down with Covid cases rising, Sydney wonders how Delta outbreak will end

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After five weeks of a tightening lockdown, they were not the words Sydney residents wanted to hear: the leader of New South Wales announcing another month of restrictions and telling the state to prepare for things to...

Democrats gear up for inflation fight as Republicans attack rising prices

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Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have been eager to celebrate America’s economic rebound as pandemic-related restrictions are relaxed and more businesses reopen. But there has been one sore spot in recent economic r...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Taiwan to ease restrictions; vaccinations rising in US states with high cases

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Taiwan to ease restrictions next week as cases fall; rising jabs in some states a sign ‘frightening’ cases getting attention of vaccine-hesitant, says White House

Unilever expects flat profit for the year after being hit by rising costs

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The consumer goods giant Unilever has said cost increases could hit its profits, despite a rise in sales during the first half of 2021. The maker of Marmite, Persil and Dove said underlying operating profit margins in...

Rising Covid infections spark fears of pandemic resurgence in US

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Buenos dias. A worrying rise in coronavirus cases in the US and many other places in the world is fueling concerns that the pandemic has come back for another round. El lunes, news about the spread of the highly con...

Rising Covid cases spark fears of resurgent pandemic in US

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A rapid increase in coronavirus cases in the US and abroad is fueling fears of a pandemic resurgence and on Monday sent shockwaves through the stock market as the highly contagious Delta variant takes hold – and Joe B...

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