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Rishi Sunak weighs up moving budget to 2022 on back of Covid crisis

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Rishi Sunak is considering pushing the budget into next year so the Treasury can weigh up the economic impact of ending the furlough scheme and the third wave of the pandemic over the coming months. The chancellor is ...

Por que Boris Johnson se está volviendo paranoico y resentido con Rishi Sunak

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El primer ministro ha cimentado su reputación como un par de manos descuidadas y el líder de la oposición ha luchado por hacer oír su voz.. Solo hay un político británico de alto rango que ha superado la pa ....

Rishi Sunak urged to cut business rates to unlock billions in investment

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Employers’ groups representing more than a quarter of jobs in Britain have called on Rishi Sunak to cut business rates in the budget later this month to unlock billions of pounds of investment in the economy. In a joi...

David Cameron texted Rishi Sunak to get Covid loans for Greensill, dice informe

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New questions are being raised over David Cameron’s attempts to lobby government on behalf of doomed lender Greensill Capital, after he reportedly contacted the chancellor’s private phone in hopes of securing special ...

Rishi Sunak extends insurance scheme for film and TV production

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The government has extended its £500m insurance scheme protecting film and TV productions in the UK against the cost of Covid shutdowns until the end of the year. El año pasado, more than £2.8bn was spent on making Hollyw...

Rishi Sunak lays out UK coronavirus response in budget – video highlights

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El canciller, Rishi Sunak, said he would continue to do ‘whatever it takes’ to protect jobs and aid the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, as he outlined the budget. Announcing tens of billions of pounds to ext...

The Observer view on Rishi Sunak’s ‘generous’ budget

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The word “generous” was liberally peppered through the chancellor’s budget speech last Wednesday. Rishi Sunak has gone out of his way to portray himself as the nation’s benefactor, ensuring that hard-pressed individua...

La presidenta Lindsay Hoyle reprende a Rishi Sunak por informar sobre los detalles del presupuesto

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Los cancilleres anteriores habrían dimitido por revelar detalles del presupuesto antes del comunicado oficial., el portavoz de los Comunes ha dicho a los parlamentarios, expresando furia por el informe de una serie de medidas que se anunciarán el miércoles..

Rishi Sunak’s budget ‘hammers’ working people while giving banks a tax cut, says Labour – UK politics live

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Últimas actualizaciones: shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says Resolution Foundation report shows this is an ‘out-of-touch, high-tax, low-growth budget’

Rishi Sunak may extend Winter Survival Package into spring and summer period

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Spectator sports in England are to be given a boost in Wednesday’s budget, with the government expected to announce extra emergency funds to help clubs survive the impact of the third lockdown. Multiple sources say th...

William Keegan

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Chancellor Sunak made much of his attachment to fiscal prudence in the run-up to last Wednesday’s budget – so much so that balancing the books seemed to become a moral crusade. This worried a lot of people. As that gr...

Rishi Sunak flags tax rises in budget as total Covid spending tops £400bn

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Rishi Sunak has outlined tax rises on companies and workers to pay for an additional £65bn of financial support to see Britain through the coronavirus pandemic, taking total government spending on the Covid crisis to ...

El presupuesto de Rishi Sunak trae el primer aumento del impuesto de sociedades desde 1974

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El canciller aplica el mayor aumento de impuestos a las empresas, pero endulza la píldora con £ 25 mil millones en inversión Rishi Sunak ha anunciado el primer aumento del impuesto de sociedades en 47 años, pero buscó suavizar el golpe con £ 25 mil millones en inv ...

Rishi Sunak has turned into a social media star, but who is he trying to influence?

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“I’m sure this budget will look better on Instagram,” said Keir Starmer in the Commons on Wednesday. dijo a fines de agosto que “sigue existiendo una incertidumbre significativa sobre si la ivermectina es más efectiva y más segura que la atención estándar en el tratamiento de pacientes con covid-19”., this week’s PR video cost the taxpayer so much, I was half expecting to see a line in the OBR forecast for...

Rishi Sunak burnishes his brand with glossy pre-budget video

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If Conservative MPs had any lingering doubts about the extent of Rishi Sunak’s political ambition, el primero 30 seconds or so of a video produced by the Treasury before Wednesday’s budget would have dispelled them. To...

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