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Rishi Sunak may extend Winter Survival Package into spring and summer period

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Spectator sports in England are to be given a boost in Wednesday’s budget, with the government expected to announce extra emergency funds to help clubs survive the impact of the third lockdown. Multiple sources say th...

Rishi Sunak rejects calls by businesses for furlough extension

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Rishi Sunak has rejected business demands for an extension of the furlough scheme despite expectations that the government will delay the easing of Covid-19 restrictions currently set for 21 junio. Business leaders and...

Rishi Sunak will use budget to declare ‘age of optimism’

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Rishi Sunak will use his budget to insist the UK is entering an economic “age of optimism” despite a looming cost-of-living crisis, after making a deluge of promises to spend billions more on health, transport and ski...

Rishi Sunak accused of imposing £21bn ‘stealth tax’ on UK workers

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Rishi Sunak has been accused of using a “stealth tax” on incomes that will bring in more than double the amount he budgeted for, as the cost of living rises at the fastest rate for three decades. Ahead of the chancell...

Of course Rishi Sunak’s wife is a non-dom. For the Tories, hyper-wealth is normal

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Who is shocked? “Outrage over huge pay rises for Manchester Airports Group bosses” was a Guardian story on Wednesday, just as the airport seized up. Those eight-hour queues of passengers were partly caused by the comp...

La opinión de The Guardian sobre el presupuesto de Rishi Sunak: Britain will go backwards with tax rises and spending cuts

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Rishi Sunak, El canciller, has emerged in recent months with the plausible aura of a future Tory leader. This budget was a crucial one for two reasons. Primero, it was the biggest fiscal event since the UK left the or...

Labour urges Rishi Sunak to scrap planned cut to universal credit

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Labour is warning that Rishi Sunak will be personally responsible for the largest benefit cut in the history of the welfare state, if the £20-a-week reduction in universal credit goes ahead next month. The shadow work...

Rishi Sunak faces Tory backlash over ‘big state, high tax’ budget

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Rishi Sunak is facing a budget backlash from traditional Tories, with five former cabinet ministers warning the scale of spending and taxes would stifle growth. The chancellor received a lukewarm reception from a stri...

Rishi Sunak to promise ‘security for working families’ in spring statement

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Rishi Sunak will promise “security” to cash-strapped families as he announces a fresh package of measures to tackle the cost of living crisis on Wednesday, but will continue to underline the importance of fixing the p...

Rishi Sunak hints at U-turn on UK oil and gas windfall tax

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Rishi Sunak has opened the door to a windfall tax on oil and gas companies despite previously dismissing the policy, as Labour accused the government of burying its head in the sand over spiralling bills. The chancell...

Lorna Miller on David Cameron, Rishi Sunak and Greensill – cartoon

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‘People will make the right judgments’: Rishi Sunak questioned about not wearing a mask – video

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The chancellor has refused to commit to wearing a mask inside a crowded House of Commons, as a leading government scientific adviser said ministers were mistaken to believe that vaccinations alone would keep Covid lev...

Facturas de energía: Rishi Sunak gives one-off repayable £200 discount to households

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A one-off repayable £200 discount and a rebate on council tax bills have been announced by Rishi Sunak in a £9bn package designed to “take the sting” out of a £700-a-year rise in the average household’s energy bills i...

Rishi Sunak’s most pressing task? Cleaning up his own mess

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It’s nearly nine years now since David Cameron was asked, at the height of austerity, the price of a loaf of bread. His immortal reply was that he didn’t really know as he made his own loaves in a breadmaker, preferab...

Rishi Sunak burnishes his brand with glossy pre-budget video

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If Conservative MPs had any lingering doubts about the extent of Rishi Sunak’s political ambition, el primero 30 seconds or so of a video produced by the Treasury before Wednesday’s budget would have dispelled them. To...

The Rishi Sunak workout: why his day begins with Britney, Peloton and blueberries

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Nombre: The Rishi Sunak workout. Envejecer: Sunak, El canciller, es 41. He has been doing this workout since he got his Peloton last year. Peloton? Stationary exercise bike with a digital screen. You buy the bike (from £1,...

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