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Coronavirus live: five police injured in Dutch anti-lockdown riots; UK to review racial bias of medical devices

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Latest updates: 28 people detained in second night of anti-lockdown rioting; UK health secretary vows to close gaps exposed by pandemic

Jason Mohammad ‘angry’ at lack of help 30 years after Cardiff riots

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The BBC sports presenter Jason Mohammad has voiced anger at a lack of government help for the Ely estate in Cardiff where he grew up, 30 years after the so-called bread riots erupted in the area. Mohammad, who fronts ...

The UK riots, 10 years on: ‘Young people were watching their futures disappear before their eyes’

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The video opens on a scene of hazy, unspecified danger. A group of people are milling about on a street corner that could be anywhere, their identities obscured by hoods, caps and the graininess of the footage. It is ...

Racism, policing and austerity: have lessons been learned since England’s 2011 riots?

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This week marks a decade since the riots that swept across England in August 2011. But has enough changed to prevent similar unrest happening again? How to listen to podcasts...

I saw what sparked the Tottenham riots – 10 years on, it could happen again

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I can still recall the phone call on 4 August 2011, informing me that police officers had been involved in the shooting of an “armed gangster” who had allegedly shot at them. I was getting the call, from the chair of ...

A decade after Tottenham burned, social alienation means riots could happen again

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Every riot needs a spark. In 1985, I was a teenager when the Broadwater Farm riot took place just yards away from my home. It was lit by the death of Cynthia Jarrett, who suffered a stroke after police officers search...

‘The Mark Duggan case was a catalyst’: the 2011 UK riots 10 years on

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On 4 August 2011, Mark Duggan was shot and killed by police in Tottenham, north London, sparking the largest civil unrest the UK has seen for a generation. The disturbance quickly spread and for five nights, London, B...

Tell us: were you affected by the 2011 England riots?

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This year marks the tenth anniversary of the 2011 riots in London, Birmingham and Manchester which followed protests after the police shooting of Mark Duggan. We would like to hear from those affected – including witn...

How the 2001 northern riots boosted the far right – and reshaped British politics

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Twenty years ago this summer, a series of riots broke out in parts of northern England that would have a profound effect on British politics. They began in Oldham in late May 2001, spreading to Burnley in June, and Br...

Police in Swansea vow to take ‘robust action’ after riots erupt at vigil

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Police have promised “robust action” against rioters who torched cars and hurled bricks through windows after a vigil for a teenager exploded into violence in the south Wales city of Swansea. Families were trapped ins...

Ex-Pentagon chief will defend military’s Capitol riots response to Congress

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Donald Trump’s acting defense secretary during the 6 January Capitol riots plans to tell Congress that he was concerned in the days before the insurrection that sending troops to the building would fan fears of a mili...

Remembering the Brixton riots 40 years on – podcast

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In April 1981, a simmering tension between the police and Brixton’s black community erupted in violence. Forty years, on Aamna Modhin revisits that weekend with those who witnessed the events unfolding ...

Brixton riots 40 years on: ‘A watershed moment for race relations’

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It’s been 40 years since Ros Griffiths watched her neighbourhood burn to the ground. Then 15, she wandered the streets through one of the most devastating civil disturbances England has seen, in a state of shock. “As ...

Northern Ireland’s first minister joins calls for calm after Belfast riots

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Stormont’s first minister has joined calls for calm after riots in Belfast, urging young people “not to get drawn into disorder” and parents to protect their children. Eight police officers were injured after being pe...

Northern Ireland secretary calls for calm after Belfast riots

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The Northern Ireland secretary has called for calm after riots in a loyalist area of Belfast on Friday evening. Eight police officers were injured after being pelted with bottles, bricks and fireworks during scenes Br...

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