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Is The Lord of the Rings now a never-ending franchise like Marvel and Star Wars?

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‘The road goes ever on”, wrote Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. But the esteemed Oxford don and creator of the high fantasy genre probably wasn’t expecting it to lead to a billion dollar multimedia fra...

Lampposts, rings, cameras: verby 25,000 pounds of junk cleared from Lake Tahoe

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A California non-profit started an ambitious project beneath the surface of Lake Tahoe that concluded Tuesday: hire scuba divers to gather the litter in the top 25 ft of the lake. Divers have now pulled out more than ...

Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca.: Get lost in Elden Ring’s maddening, engaging world

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Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca., Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca.. Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca., Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca. (Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca.) Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca.. Like a lot...

Republican resistance to Trump rings hollow as ‘moderates’ say no on voting rights

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They have been hailed as the conscience of the Republican party, heroes of the resistance to former US president Donald Trump’s hostile takeover. But Senator Mitt Romney, Congresswoman Liz Cheney and others this month...

‘Until now, audiences have only seen the story of the One Ring’: details announced for Lord of The Rings TV show

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The mystery shrouding Amazon’s new JRR Tolkien adaptation has lifted slightly, as the show has revealed its title. The multi-series epic will be known as Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, setting viewers up for a...

Australië lui versigtig in 2022 met vuurwerkvertonings maar kleiner skares

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Australië het die nuwe jaar versigtiger as gewoonlik verwelkom, met baie minder mense wat vuurwerkvertonings en ander geleenthede bywoon. Maar na 'n onstuimige 2021 die premier, Scott Morrison, het Australiërs gesê ...

US military academies’ aim of equality rings hollow for graduates of color

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Eight years after he graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point, New York, Geoffrey Easterling remains astonished by the Confederate history still memorialized on the storied academy’s campus – the six-foot-...

toekenningshonger allegorie oor klimaatsverandering: science fiction’s answer to Lord of the Rings

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If science fiction has an answer to fantasy’s The Lord of the Rings – JRR Tolkien’s epic saga of the battle to defeat the Dark Lord, Sauron – then Frank Herbert’s Dune has to be a strong contender. Published in 1965, ...

Andy Murray celebrates wedding ring’s return with crushing Indian Wells win

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Andy Murray, reunited with his wedding ring, played some of his best tennis as he beat Adrian Mannarino in their first-round match at Indian Wells. The former world No 1 had left his ring tied to shoes which he put ou...

Lord of the Rings orc was modeled after Harvey Weinstein, Elijah Wood reveals

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One orc among many in the Lord of the Rings movies was designed to resemble Harvey Weinstein as a “sort of fuck you” to the notorious producer, Elijah Wood, who played the hobbit Frodo in the series, told a Hollywood ...

Lord of the Rings actors praise Italian man who lives as a hobbit

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Lord of the Rings actors including Elijah Wood have expressed their support for the project of an Italian man who lives as a hobbit and is building his personal “shire” from JRR Tolkien’s fictional Middle-earth in Ita...

Did you solve it? As iemand 'n uitdrukking vir

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Earlier today I set the following puzzle, inspired by the Borromean rings (left), which are three interlocking loops with the property that when you remove any one of them, the other two are no longer linked. In the p...

Kan jy dit oplos? As iemand 'n uitdrukking vir

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The image above is the Borromean rings, three interlinked rings that have the curious property that when any one of the rings is removed, the other two are no longer linked. The rings are studied by mathematicians and...

What tree rings reveal about America’s megadrought – a visual guide

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From fidget rings to moob tubes: hierdie week se modeneigings

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Fidget rings A late lockdown winner, these are rings designed to be fiddled with in video calls – and searches are up 500%, Etsy says. Fun Shoe Summer The breakout star of re-entry dressing? Fun footwear. Try Arket ...

Soviet TV version of Lord of the Rings rediscovered after 30 jare

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A Soviet television adaptation of The Lord of the Rings thought to have been lost to time was rediscovered and posted on YouTube last week, delighting Russian-language fans of JRR Tolkien. Die 1991 made-for-TV film, K....

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