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Gewapen met 'n aanvalswapen en geklee in vol...: Gewapen met 'n aanvalswapen en geklee in vol...

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Gewapen met 'n aanvalswapen en geklee in vol..., onstuimige plek soos Brittanje se House of Commons of ander meer lewendige wetgewende liggame regoor die wêreld. onstuimige plek soos Brittanje se House of Commons of ander meer lewendige wetgewende liggame regoor die wêreld, onstuimige plek soos Brittanje se House of Commons of ander meer lewendige wetgewende liggame regoor die wêreld.

After Buffalo race massacre, rightwing pundits focus on … anything else

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A white teenager and avowed racist beelines to a Black neighborhood and fatally guns down 10 supermarket patrons. But what most troubled the pure minds of the right’s leading thinkers? Baby formula, among other things...

After rightwing attacks on rescues, UK lifeboat charity has record fundraising year

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is on course for the highest annual fundraising total in its near 200-year history. Donations swelled after the charity attracted huge public support following rightwing ...

Apple and Parler agreement could restore rightwing platform to App Store

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Apple said it had reached an agreement with Parler, the rightwing social media app, that could lead to its reinstatement in the company’s app store. Apple kicked out Parler in January over ties to the deadly 6 January...

Asio boss says spy agency will dump terms ‘rightwing extremismand ‘Islamic extremism

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Australian spy agency Asio is overhauling the language it uses to talk about terrorism, dumping terms like rightwing extremism and Islamic extremism, arguing such labels are “no longer fit for purpose”. Mike Burgess, ...

BY&T funds rightwing channel One America News, Reuters reveals

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BY&T, the nation’s largest telecom provider, has been discovered to be a crucial cog in the operation of One America News, the rightwing news channel which has seen a rise in its viewership through its promotion o...

Australia’s ambition on climate change is held back by a toxic mix of rightwing politics, media and vested interests

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It was always expected that Joe Biden’s election would be a massive shot in the arm for international climate action, but the scale of that boost has been genuinely surprising. The new president has now invited 40 wor...

Australia’s rightwing government weaponised climate change – now it has faced its reckoning

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When Scott Morrison won Australia’s federal election in 2019, it seemed like the country would never emerge from the climate wars that had begun a decade earlier. Morrison had taken the prime ministership late in 2018...

Canada’s Covid protests highlight rise of rightwing populist movements

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Days of protests against pandemic policies and a deep rift within Canada’s conservative movement have highlighted the growing power of rightwing populist movements in the country. Op Dinsdag, retail stores and vaccine...

Cancel culture? My play was shut down by rightwing activists before it even opened

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I am the producer and co-creator of a piece of theatre that was cancelled before it had even been seen. It started like this: a group of people online began to call for the show to be shut down. It gained some tractio...

EU-raad oor inklusiewe taal onttrek ná regse uitroep

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'n Interne dokument van die Europese Kommissie wat amptenare aanraai om inklusiewe taal soos "vakansieseisoen" eerder as Kersfees te gebruik en terme soos "mensgemaakte" te vermy, is teruggetrek ná 'n uitroep van regses..

For rightwing culture warriors, to shed light on past conflict is to insult our history

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The problem with dishonesty is that you have to remember your most recent falsehoods to at least try to keep your story straight. In their pantomime “war against woke”, the UK’s statue defenders are incapable of remem...

France removes EU flag from Arc de Triomphe after rightwing anger

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French authorities have removed the EU flag from the Arc de Triomphe after rightwing opponents of the country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, accused him of erasing French identity. The giant flag was raised in place of...

French rightwing candidate focuses on immigration as she slips to fifth in polls

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The rightwing presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse has promised to rewrite the French constitution in order to fight crime and illegal immigration, as she tried to boost a flagging campaign that risks her party imp...

French rightwing candidate mocked after dog joins her party

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French politicians have long embraced domestic animals – from Emmanuel Macron’s rescue dog, Nemo, who once peed on a fireplace during an Elysée meeting, to the far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s hobby of breeding Bengal...

From viral videos to Fox News: how rightwing media fueled the critical race theory panic

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Viral videos of impassioned parents denouncing critical race theory at school board hearings have become a cornerstone of the movement to ban its teaching. In one such video, a mother declares critical race theory (CR...

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