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UK’s rising debts ‘can be coped with’, says rightwing thinktank

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The government should not worry about its rising debt levels, according to an economic thinktank with close links to the Conservative party that was previously a champion of austerity. In the latest sign that attitude...

For rightwing culture warriors, to shed light on past conflict is to insult our history

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The problem with dishonesty is that you have to remember your most recent falsehoods to at least try to keep your story straight. In their pantomime “war against woke”, the UK’s statue defenders are incapable of remem...

Spaanse regse partyleier onder skoot vir die bywoning van Franco-mis

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Linkse partye in Spanje het verduidelikings na die leier van die regse People's party geëis (PP) “Onopsetlik” het die naweek 'n mis bygewoon waar daar gebid is vir die siel van Francisco Franco op t..

Zack Snyder: ‘I don’t have a rightwing political agenda. People see what they want to see’

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Luca, Zack Snyder’s chow-labrador cross, is going bananas. It’s early morning in rural Pasadena and the air is filled with growls. When a bear ambled past the other day, Luca didn’t bat an eyelid. But the appearance o...

Rightwing culture warriors do not define Britishness

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Kojo Koram provides a useful corrective to the common, narrow perception of culture he describes (Here’s what the right gets wrong about culture: it’s not a monument, but a living thing, 16 Augustus), but the “fossilise...

EU-raad oor inklusiewe taal onttrek ná regse uitroep

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'n Interne dokument van die Europese Kommissie wat amptenare aanraai om inklusiewe taal soos "vakansieseisoen" eerder as Kersfees te gebruik en terme soos "mensgemaakte" te vermy, is teruggetrek ná 'n uitroep van regses..

Rightwing attack inevitable, warns informant who identified London nail bomber

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An undercover informant who identified the man behind Britain’s deadliest far-right attack has warned that a similar atrocity is inevitable due to the spread of extreme ideology online. The mole, codenamed “Arthur”, t ...

The Covid crisis suits rightwing media personalities as they monetise fear

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The pandemic has upended all our lives, leaving many of us frightened and confused. But if the weekend’s angry anti-lockdown protests reflected genuine pain in the community, they also showed how, in a complicated int...

Rightwing ‘super-spreader’: study finds handful of accounts spread bulk of election misinformation

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A handful of rightwing “super-spreaders” on social media were responsible for the bulk of election misinformation in the run-up to the Capitol attack, according to a new study that also sheds light on the staggering r...

Hou regse politiek uit kunsfinansiering

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Die ingesteldheid en taal van Tory-politici wat uitsaaiwese en die kunste bespreek, is ontstellend. Charlotte Higgins beklemtoon die brief wat die voormalige kultuursekretaris Oliver Dowden aan Arts Council England geskryf het..

Rightwing protesters at Klamath Falls threaten to open reservoir headgates

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Fears of a confrontation between law enforcement and rightwing militia supporters over the control of water in the drought-stricken American west have been sparked by protests at Klamath Falls in Oregon. Protesters af...

UK judge orders rightwing extremist to read classic literature or face prison

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A former student who downloaded almost 70,000 white supremacist documents and bomb-making instructions has avoided a prison sentence “by the skin of his teeth” after being told to read classic literature by Dickens, A ...

Winston Marshall on break from Mumford and Sons after praising rightwing writer

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Winston Marshall, the banjo player and lead guitarist with Mumford and Sons, has said he is “taking time away from the band” after his praise for far-right agitator Andy Ngo prompted a backlash. Aan 7 Maart, Marshall t...

After rightwing attacks on rescues, UK lifeboat charity has record fundraising year

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) is on course for the highest annual fundraising total in its near 200-year history. Donations swelled after the charity attracted huge public support following rightwing ...

Dit is vrugteloos om te debatteer oor die kultuur-oorlogsvermaak van die regse pers

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Vroeër vandeesmaand, MailOnline het vir ons weer 'n versending van die gekoloniseerde dorpe in die Verenigde Koninkryk gebring. Moslems, ons is vertel, het verskeie dorpe omskep in 'no-go areas' vir wit mense. Minder as 'n maand tevore, een van hierdie ...

US rightwing group targets academics with Professor Watchlist

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Kellie Carter Jackson, an associate professor of Africana studies at Wellesley College, had never received hate mail before. Toe, in Junie 2020, she wrote an article about the George Floyd protests, addressing the rol...

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