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‘Finally doing right’: Democrats’ big bill offers Sanders chance to deliver

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When making the case for progressive policy, the veteran leftwing senator Bernie Sanders often cites public opinion. “Poll after poll,” he’ll say, before running through a list of ambitious initiatives that the “vast ...

Wrong side of the law. Right side of history: the activists arrested in the name of the planet

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From grassroots campaigners to Hollywood actors, 21 climate rebels tell their stories Tap on each activist to read their story

Four Hours at the Capitol review – a chilling look at the day the far right ‘fought like hell’

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Nick Alvear started believing in Trump “because 800,000 kids in America go missing every year – held captive, tortured and killed … enslaved sexually … I’m part of the first wave bringing awareness of this.” It is per...

Unless progressive parties unite, the UK will shift further to the right

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The decision by opposition parties in Hungary to mount a united campaign against the governing party, Fidesz (Editorial, 19 octubre) has a message for Labour. Aquí, as there, the opposition fails spectacularly if it c...

My impulse to surf with strangers from the internet was a social experiment gone very right

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I learned to surf in California, and continued to develop after moving to Hawaii. By the time I left, moving back to Sydney during Covid, I could still pull off a sweet wave, even where the big boys surfed. At least o...

A biennial Women’s World Cup is not a good idea – Fifa must ask the right people

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In a way Fifa has been clever. The body leading the charge towards a biennial men’s and women’s World Cup has somewhat sidestepped the mistake of the most recent attempts to shake up football. The proposed European Su...

What do you think is the right balance in the UK between restrictions and the impact from Covid?

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Despite a high number of cases and deaths compared to some other countries, we want hear views from people around the UK about the Covid state we are in. What do you feel is the right balance between restrictions and ...

The Phantom of the Open review – Brit sporting underdog movie right on par

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Here’s a film about a guy who likes six sugars in his tea – and the viewer might also need a bit of a sweet tooth. It is an amiably daft and sentimental Britfilm, a comedy of the underdog starring Mark Rylance. Es ...

Cummings tiene razón sobre el "falso pensamiento de grupo", dice el presidente de investigación de Covid

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Dominic Cummings tuvo razón, al menos en parte, al castigar al gobierno por ser demasiado lento para responder a la amenaza inicial del coronavirus., un copresidente de la investigación de los Comunes sobre la pandemia ha dicho. Más de siete h ...

Tory councillor in Worthing suspended over alleged support of far right

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The Conservative party has suspended a councillor and is investigating allegations that he has been a secret supporter of a far-right organisation. Tim Wills, a borough councillor in Worthing, West Sussex, is alleged ...

Patience wears thin at Norwich as Daniel Farke seeks right formula

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Norwich City are the only football team in all four English professional divisions not to have any points. That’s fewer than Oldham Athletic, who are bottom of League Two and have protesters carrying coffins outside B...

La extrema derecha del Reino Unido promueve la violencia sexual contra las mujeres, reportar hallazgos

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La extrema derecha británica promueve cada vez más la violencia sexual, según un nuevo análisis que documenta cómo se usa la misoginia para orientar a las personas hacia la adopción de puntos de vista racistas y antisemitas. Investigadores fou ...

El trabajo ha perdido su corazón y su nervio al complacer a la derecha

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La afirmación de Andy Beckett de que el centro-izquierda laborista se ha quedado sin ideas es ciertamente cierta, pero no llega al meollo del problema.(El problema es más grande que Keir Starmer: los centristas laboristas se han quedado sin idea ....

La derecha no debe tener sentimientos incómodos sobre la interrupción de un embarazo

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Como mucha gente, He estado pensando en las mujeres de Texas, un estado de EE. UU. que ahora está en el negocio de los partos forzados. Cuando se considera la fecha del embarazo desde el primer día del último período de una mujer, es nuevo i ...

As insurgents limber up for a federal election, the Coalition is worried about its restive right flank

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One of the federal government’s Queensland MPs was enjoying some downtime at home recently, watching the reality show SAS Australia. They were interrupted by a sudden jolt – not an abseiling mishap or some other epic ...

Bring Me the Horizon: claramente la mejor banda de rock del Reino Unido en este momento

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"No he visto un mosh pit en 18 putos meses, así que será mejor que lo hagas bien,"Ladra Oli Sykes. Este es el comienzo de la última carrera en el Reino Unido de Bring Me the Horizon, y el líder de la banda parece genuinamente eufórico de estar de regreso ....

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