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‘Ridiculous’: Starmer criticises PM for seeking credit for Hancock’s exit

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Boris Johnson has again sought to take credit for the departure of Matt Hancock, despite having backed the health secretary before he resigned, and prompted an angry response by dismissing the story as one only of int...

World Test Championship a glorious tribute to cricket’s ridiculous allure

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In 2001 a county match at Canterbury was held up by an obstinate Gurkha pipe band, who disregarded the end of the tea interval and carried on marching across the outfield while the bewildered Yorkshire batsmen waited ...

Biden rejects Putin’s ‘ridiculous comparisonbetween Capitol rioters and Alexei Navalny – video

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Joe Biden has responded to Vladimir Putin comparing his jailing of political opponents such as Alexei Navalny with the charges filed against those who carried out the Capitol Hill riots. 'I think that’s a ridiculous c...