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Blue Origin launch: Bezos rides rocket on company’s first flight with people

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Jeff Bezos has completed his pioneering foray into space, the Amazon founder and three crewmates, including his brother Mark, touching down in the Texas desert early on Tuesday after a sub-orbital flight lasting a mer...

Chile far-right candidate rides anti-migrant wave in presidential poll

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Hopes for a more progressive Chile have been dealt a blow as a far-right candidate surges in opinion polls ahead of the first presidential election since massive demonstrations against inequality erupted in 2019. A m ...

Clarkson’s Farm review – Jeremy the ignoramus rides again

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The latest extrusion from the Amazon/Jeremy Clarkson factory is called Clarkson’s Farm. We will rename it Jeremy Buys a Tractor for the duration of this review, because that is what it amounts to. In Jeremy Buys a Tra...

Five of the UK’s best scenic cycle rides

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I’ve relied on the myriad benefits a bike brings for as long as I can remember. Turning my wheels has always transported me – both physically and emotionally. It’s my happy machine. I clearly remember the first ride I...

Politics rides roughshod over substance as Scott Morrison tries to spin his way out of Covid corner

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What a strange and unfulfilling day Tuesday was. The government released modelling from the Doherty Institute. This is important, weighty material, and the public is anxious and aggravated. It would have been sensible...

Thai restaurant rides wave of success as customers flock to dine in floodwaters

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Riverside restaurant owner Titiporn Jutimanon feared that the floods afflicting many parts of Thailand could be the end of a business already struggling from the pandemic. But with the rising tide of the Chao Phraya r...

Die Green Knight -resensie - Dev Patel ry hoog op 'n baie mooi soeke

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Christus se offer en die erotiese doodswens van aardse heerlikheid: dit is die komponente van hierdie freaky folk horror van skrywer-regisseur David Lowery, 'n geheimsinnige en sensasioneel pragtige film geïnspireer deur die 14de- ...

The Storms of Jeremy Thomas review – Mark Cousins rides shotgun with uber-producer

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Ninety minutes at the sweet trolley of pure cinephilia is what’s on offer in director Mark Cousins’s madly – even outrageously – indulgent documentary-riff about the life and career of celebrated English film producer...

Uber ordered to pay $1.1m to blind passenger who was denied rides 14 keer

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Ride share giant Uber must pay a blind passenger $1.1m following a discrimination claim that its drivers unlawfully denied her rides on 14 occasions, an arbitrator decided Thursday. This arbitrator rebuffed the compan...