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Deliveroo riders suffer setback in court battle for right to unionise

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Attempts by some Deliveroo riders to secure legal status as employees has suffered a setback after the court of appeal upheld previous verdicts that found the food delivery couriers were self-employed. The Independent...

La polizia di Parigi cerca due motociclisti di e-scooter dopo la morte di un pedone

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Police are searching for two women after a pedestrian died after being hit by an electric scooter while walking in Paris. La vittima, un'italiana di 31 anni di nome Miriam, had been in a coma since she was hit by...

NSW food delivery taskforce ignored riders safety concerns, advocates say

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A taskforce set up to improve safety after five delivery riders died on the job in the space of two months has suggested only minor changes to the industry, according to a draft of its report to be released next week....

Deliveroo riders planning strike across England over pay and conditions

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A group of about 400 Deliveroo riders are expected to strike over pay and conditions as the company faces increasing pressure over its employment practices. The Independent Workers of Great Britain (IWGB) union said i...

‘Peanuts’: Deliveroo riders unimpressed by company’s bonus offer

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London float to give founder Will Shu cash and shares worth £530m, with riders set to share £16m Deliveroo riders have raised concerns about low pay as the company prepares for an £8.8bn flotation that will hand its f...

Deliveroo riders: how do you feel about the company’s £9 billion float?

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After a boom in home deliveries over the last year, Deliveroo has announced a float that will value the takeaway company at up to £8.8bn. The float will make millions for investors including Amazon and founder Will Sh...

Deliveroo’s £16m gift to loyal riders ‘is no compensation for bad pay

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Deliveroo is lining up a £16m “thank you fund” for a quarter of its riders with those delivering the most orders set to receive up to £10,000. The fund is set to launch alongside a planned $7bn (£5bn) stock market flo...