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La ricetta delle bietole di Thomasina Miers, pancetta, lasagne porri e ricotta

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La bietola è la compagna del cuoco e l'amica costante del giardiniere. In un autunno selvaggio con il vento, sole e pioggia, senza benzina, nessun driver e, A volte, senza ingredienti, la bietola c'è, facile e veloce da coltivare a letto...

Yes whey! Ten mouth-watering ricotta recipes

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As a general kitchen tip, you should always try to keep a tub of ricotta in your fridge. A 250g tub costs only a pound or so, and once you get used to having it around it will become one of your key all-rounders. Allo...

Nigel Slater’s recipes for a spring vegetable tart, and ricotta stracciatella dessert

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I bring radishes home, two bunches at a time, snowy tipped and bushy leaved, and plunge them, leaves and all, into deep, icy water. It feels like the start of something. And so it is, with those late-spring, early-sum...

Nigel Slater’s recipe for spinach ricotta pancakes, soured cream

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Wash 100g of spinach leaves and while they are still wet put them into a large saucepan over a moderate heat. Cover tightly with a lid and let the leaves cook, in their own steam, for a minute or two. Turn the leaves ...