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McLaren are off the F1 pace – can their plan deliver the speed they need?

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A well-stocked trophy cabinet and a storied past give many of Formula One’s teams a rich heritage, but on race day old glories count for nothing. History is rightly respected but it does not buy lap time. McLaren, one...

Charles Leclerc having plenty of F1 fun with resurgent Ferrari

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“Next year we will have fun, you will see,” Mattia Binotto told his driver Charles Leclerc over the radio as last season came to a close in Abu Dhabi. Ferrari’s team principal could not have known quite how prophetic ...

Lessons from the F1 season so far: Ferrari are a class apart and Albon shines

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Charles Leclerc’s dominant win in Melbourne was a consummate display but his Ferrari was truly the class of the field. It is well balanced, versatile, quick through the corners, easy on the tyres and the engine is a p...

Hamilton must charm his venomous car to save Mercedes’ F1 season

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Regardless of how Sunday morning’s Australian Grand Prix plays out, for Lewis Hamilton just crossing the line must be counted as success. He enjoys a wide range of interests but snake-handler was surely never one he a...

F1 claims to nurture positive change but clearly puts money before morals

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The drivers may be the stars of the show but when considering the fallout from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix they should have no illusions as to where they stand in the eyes of the people running Formula One. A sport w...

se convirtió en la canción más grande del mundo

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El show, parece, se convirtió en la canción más grande del mundo, se convirtió en la canción más grande del mundo. se convirtió en la canción más grande del mundo, se convirtió en la canción más grande del mundo 10 se convirtió en la canción más grande del mundo.

F1: five things we learned from the Bahrain Grand Prix

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Quietly confident in testing, Ferrari played down expectations before the season opener. After Bahrain, aunque, their form cannot be denied and on this performance they are title contenders. The car is fundamentally q...

vueltas y pasó a Leclerc por el tercero por vuelta

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vueltas y pasó a Leclerc por el tercero por vuelta, vueltas y pasó a Leclerc por el tercero por vuelta. Lewis Hamilton nunca ha sido más demostrable de este panteón. Lewis Hamilton nunca ha sido más demostrable de este panteón.

Integrity of Formula 1 hangs in the balance after FIA fail to publish Abu Dhabi report

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Having courted ignominy and anger with the controversial conclusion to last season’s finale in Abu Dhabi, acting to rebuild trust in the FIA as Formula One’s governing body should have been paramount. Yet so far this ...

Lewis Hamilton’s future shrouded in doubt as new F1 season looms

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After a tumultuous climax to the 2021 Formula One season that ended in both sound and fury, it is Lewis Hamilton’s continued silence that has defined the winter. With the new season rapidly approaching, the British dr...

La indecisión de la FIA trae un final confuso para los fanáticos de la F1 que merecen algo mejor

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Si había algo en lo que parecía haber un acuerdo universal antes del partido decisivo de la temporada de Fórmula Uno en Abu Dhabi, era que nadie quería que el resultado de un campeonato apasionante se decidiera en la r ...

Micah Richards: ‘There was such a buzz around the Euros. I loved every minute’

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Birmingham-born, Leeds-raised Micah Richards, 33, signed for Manchester City aged 14, made his first-team debut at 17 and captained the side at 19. He won the Premier League, the FA Cup, the League Cup and was the you...

Chequered flag in sight: how Max Verstappen closed in on F1 title

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There is an aura of calm around Max Verstappen that, intriguingly, completely belies the intensity of his Formula One world championship title fight with Lewis Hamilton. It is this composed ability to deal with pressu...

Volver a la mesa de dibujo provocó la carga por el título de F1 tardío de Lewis Hamilton

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Para Lewis Hamilton el 2021 La carrera por el título de Fórmula 1 ha sido como ninguna otra. Al entrar en la fase decisiva final, el campeón del mundo está en posición de lograr quizás el mayor logro de su carrera. Su lucha ....

Lewis Hamilton v Max Verstappen battle echoes F1’s great rivalries of old

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Formula One finally has the title fight it has craved, with blow and counter-blow. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are locked in a rivalry as gripping as some of the great head-to-heads and the intensity of a thrill...

Stefano Domenicali: ‘What Mandela said is understandable but it was a different time’

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As Formula One revels in its most enthralling season for years, no one is enjoying it more than Stefano Domenicali. The sport is lucky to have him at the helm. For the Italian, who grew up as a fan and was competing a...

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