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Mike Richards steps down as Jeopardy! host after controversies resurface

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Mike Richards has stepped down as the new co-host of Jeopardy! after resurfaced comments and incidents from his past. Richards, who is also the executive producer of the long-running quiz show, released a statement to...

Lewis Hamilton’s composure may give him edge in duel with Max Verstappen

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Lewis Hamilton was left in no doubt he had put in a shift at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Visibly exhausted on the podium after his comeback from last place to third, the world champion had been through the wringer at th...

Red Bull finally fired up to turn F1 tables on Mercedes at Silverstone

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This weekend’s British Grand Prix is the chance for Red Bull to deliver a potentially knockout blow. At Silverstone on Sunday Max Verstappen and his team could prove they have definitively turned the tables on Mercede...

Le Tour, Platini v Zidane and Cliff Richard’s Wimbledon silver jubilee

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1) Whose idea was this sprawling 11-city. 24-team Euro 2020? Michel Platini, that’s who, and no one has dominated European Championship quite like he did in 1984. Not even Zinedine Zidane during Euro 2000. 2) It’s Wim...

Toto Wolff is ontevrede oor die skending van ESL, aangesien F1 'n heel ander weg neem

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Dit lyk asof daar 'n eenvoudige les geleer kon word uit die onheilspellendheid en klug van die Europese Superliga. 'Die oomblik as jy van jou aanhangers vergeet en bloot deur hebsug aangedryf word, jy ondermyn wat die sport moet ...

Extreme E’s laudably progressive intent at odds with Saudi Arabian venue

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With the aim of hosting a drive that makes a real difference, the new motor racing series Extreme E has progressive ideas at its core. The championship is dedicated to highlighting the climate emergency and in doing s...

F1 2021: team-by-team guide to the cars and drivers

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Lewis Hamilton is aiming for an eighth title but faces a tough challenge from Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and Sergio PérezCar W12 Engine Mercedes Principal Toto Wolff Debut France 1954 GPs 227 Titles 7 Last season champ...

Bayern Munich’s Chris Richards: ‘Facing Robben and Ribéry, you can’t prepare for that

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Chris Richards describes it as the turning point, the moment when football called him to spark a unique journey from Birmingham, Alabama in America’s deep south to Bayern Munich. The 20-year-old centre-half, who went ...