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Gerrard passes the Anfield test as Liverpool love-in is made to wait

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Some at Anfield rose to their feet to applaud a returning figure from their past. Danny Ings was back and he was coming off the bench. Intussen, Steven Gerrard grimaced in his distinctly damp vigil in the technical a...

Hamilton and Verstappen’s gripping duel in Abu Dhabi represents F1’s peak

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No one goes to a motor race hoping to see a crash, or so they used to say. It may be less true this weekend, when the promise of mayhem between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the final round of the 2021 Formula ...

Sir Richard Sutton moord: accused tells court he heard voice saying ‘attack’

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An aspiring artist who killed one of Britain’s wealthiest landowners and repeatedly stabbed his own mother has told a jury he went “completely crazy” after a voice in his head shouted: “Attack, aanval, aanval,” follow...

Jack Dorsey’s ditched Twitter for bitcoin. Has the social media bubble burst?

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Jack Dorsey is resigning from Twitter to spend more time with his other company, Square. In some ways, the choice between Twitter and Square is a straight choice between political clout and profit. Square, a payments ...

Sir Richard Sutton moord: partner tells of son’s ‘wild-eyed’ attack

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The partner of a multimillionaire who was left paralysed when her son stabbed her repeatedly has described the moment she turned from the kitchen sink to find him brandishing a knife in front of her as if they were in...

Sir Richard Sutton moord: maat verlam gelaat, hof verhoor

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Die vennoot van 'n miljoenêr grondeienaar en hotelier is van die nek af verlam gelaat nadat haar seun 'n langdurige mesaanval op hulle albei geloods het., 'n moordverhoor gehoor het. Anne Schreiber, 66, het die aanval oorleef...

Richard Bacon on cancel culture, cocaine and his coma: ‘I’m good at getting back up again’

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In Julie 2018, oor 24 hours after Richard Bacon quit his safe, but unchallenging, job as the host of a daytime US TV show, he went into a coma. When he woke up nine days later, he found himself not just the survivor ...

TV vanaand: Richard Bacon leads an examination into cancel culture

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Richard Bacon – he of a memorable “cocaine scandal” – leads this examination of the rise in cancel culture. At a time when lives and reputations can be ruined in the blink of an eye, all at the whim of a keyboard war...

Sir Richard Sutton moord: beskuldigde vertel hof hy was dronk en 'geknip'

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’n Man wat ’n volgehoue ​​mesaanval op sy ma en haar lewensmaat geloods het, die magnaat sir Richard Sutton, het die polisie op 'n motorjaagtog van 135 km/h gelei voordat beamptes 'n "harde stop" in 'n Londense straat uitgevoer het en hom 'n ....

Sir Richard Sutton vermoor deur vennoot se seun in 'ontploffing van geweld', hof gesê

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'n Seun het 'n mesaanval op sy ma en haar lewensmaat geloods, die miljoenêr sakeman sir Richard Sutton, op die herdenking van sy pa se dood, siedend van gegriefdheid oor hoe hy gevoel het dat die egpaar h behandel het..

Vennoot se seun het die hotelier Richard Sutton in daad van wraak vermoor, hof gesê

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’n Seun wat gevoel het hy is aan jare se onregverdige behandeling deur sy ma en haar lewensmaat onderwerp, die miljoenêr sakeman sir Richard Sutton, wraak geneem deur 'n "wreedaardige en volgehoue" mesaanval op die ....

Richard Madeley sê hy het wakker geword 'babbel' voor I'm a Celebrity exit

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Richard Madeley het gesê dat dehidrasie dalk die oorsaak was dat hy moes verlaat I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! vir 'n hospitaalbesoek. Die TV-aanbieder, 65, het Donderdag aangekondig hy gaan die ITV real ...

Richard Dawson and Circle: Henki review – a botanical rock classic

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Geordie folk singer and razor-sharp chronicler of modern Britain Richard Dawson and Finnish experimental rock veterans Circle might seem an odd match on paper, but Henki, largely recorded in Pori, on Finland’s west co...

Richard Madeley leaves I’m a Celebrity after hospital visit

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Richard Madeley has confirmed he has left I’m A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here! because he “broke the Covid ‘bubble’” after he was taken to hospital in the early hours of Thursday. Die TV-aanbieder, 65, was seen by ...

Starmer knows he must offer hope to hard-hit ‘red wall’ towns

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It is a cold night on a Stoke-on-Trent industrial estate and Keir Starmer is in town again. It’s at least his seventh trip here in search of redemption after Labour’s historic defeat in 2019, in a sign of how importan...

‘We were going to be number one’: how Richard Williams molded two tennis legends

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The first surprise came when he climbed into the battered Volkswagen van. “I get in the passenger side and I sit down in the front seat and I get harpooned in the buttock,” tennis coach Rick Macci recalls in a phone i...