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Having a baby has been a tornado through my life – I see why new parents dream of communes

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The nuclear family is ill suited to effective child-rearing. This should be news to no one. Yet when my mum said it, having taken the baby from me so that I could – finally – shower off myriad effluences, I felt it in...

Turns out breastfeeding really does hurt – why does no one tell you?

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I never thought breastfeeding would be hard. When I thought about it at all, my mind conjured beatific scenes suffused with a sort of religious glow. There I was, genteelly offering the child a nipple in the manner of...

The language of maternity is alive and well – so why not expand it to include trans parents?

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“Hey, Mama!” This is how I was greeted by a friendly member of staff every morning during my week-long stay in hospital after my baby’s birth. Theoretically, I had had my whole pregnancy to get used to the idea of bei...

Everything I thought before the birth of my son now feels naive and misinformed

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I had been supposed to file two more columns in this series in advance, before taking some leave, but five weeks ago my waters broke in spectacular fashion – the way they do in films, the way the NCT woman said you re...

‘Enjoy it while you can’. Is there a more chilling phrase to hear while pregnant?

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“Enjoy it while you can”: how I’ve come to dislike these five little words, which have followed me everywhere since my pregnancy became obvious. Skielik, they are applied to anything pleasurable – sleep, holidays, a ...

I’ve just become a mum – where is the writing about parenting for my generation?

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If you are reading this, it means that I have just become a mother. For reasons of practicality, and superstition, I am writing this column in advance. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant, just into my third trimester, b ...

The decline of the girlboss? Post-pandemic, she’s more ubiquitous than ever

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A few months after graduating, mid-recession, on to the dole and shortly before I started writing for the Guardian, I worked very briefly for an online magazine as an editorial assistant. It was on my first day there ...

When it comes to porn’s damaging effects, millennials and Gen Z feminists are united

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I remember the first time a friend told me that she had been choked without her consent during sex. I was in my early 20s, and it hadn’t been the first time for her – she had also been slapped and had her hair pulled,...

Gen Z are bringing back ‘indie sleaze’, and I suddenly feel ancient

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I saw a man in skinny jeans and winklepickers the other day, and found myself transported back to a time when I cared about men’s shoes. “I used to go wild for men dressed like that,” I told my bemused husband, who is...

Spare me the Home Office-backed ‘safety app’: it wouldn’t have stopped my attacker

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There’s a rape alarm, stashed somewhere in a drawer in my bedroom. We – the young women – were given them in the first week of university, when some of us had just been released into the world for the first time. In a...

A maternal truth: some women don’t love their children as society thinks they should

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There’s a moment in The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s adaptation of the Elena Ferrante novel which stars Olivia Colman, where I gasped out loud and swore at the character. Colman’s Leda, a professor holidaying in...

Die ontploffing van Covid PTSD-gevalle is 'n geestesgesondheidskrisis in wording

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Toe die Covid-19-pandemie begin het, mense wat in die trauma-veld werk, het geweet die sielkundige tol sou kolossaal wees. In die lente van 2020, Ek het onderhoude met professionele persone begin voer oor die uitval van geestesgesondheid van die pand..

Rage, fury and noise – the new wave of feminist theatre is more vital than ever

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If you’re a survivor of male violence, reading Lucy Kirkwood’s “howl of a play” Maryland is a visceral experience. To hear it out loud, I imagine even more so – the Observer’s theatre critic Susannah Clapp described t...

It’s scandalous so few pregnant women in the UK are vaccinated against Covid

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It is coming up to a year since the first mRNA vaccines were approved for use against Covid-19, and almost seven months since they were approved for expectant mothers. The initial government advice was was that they s...

Vroue word steeds die skuld gegee vir die samelewing se probleme met vrugbaarheid

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Vroulike studente aan die enkelseks Cambridge-kollege Murray Edwards moet vrugbaarheidseminare ontvang, omdat hulle 'kinderloosheid' waag as hulle 'te laat' uit die moederskap gaan. Dit is irriterende nuus - die seminare is slegs ....

The right shouldn’t own uncomfortable feelings about ending a pregnancy

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Soos baie mense, I’ve been thinking about the women in Texas, a US state that is now in the business of forced births. When you consider how pregnancy is dated from the first day of a woman’s last period, its newly i...

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