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Carlson helps Glamorgan rewrite script with One-Day Cup win over Durham

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Kiran Carlson looks like Joaquin Phoenix might if he ever took on happy roles. And maybe, if Hollywood ever decides to make a sports movie about Glamorgan’s Royal London One-Day Cup win, Phoenix will finally have one....

UK says it wants to substantially rewrite Northern Ireland Brexit protocol

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The UK has launched an attempt to substantially rewrite the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol that Boris Johnson signed up to in 2019, arguing “we cannot go on as we are” given the “ongoing febrile political climate” i...

Photographers rewrite list of ‘big five’ animals to shoot

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For trophy hunters, the big five are the toughest, most dangerous animals to kill, but a photography project has turned the meaning of shooting on its head, creating a new list of the five most fantastic creatures to ...