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Revisited: how meme stars of the early internet struck it rich with NFTs – podcast

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The growth of non-fungible tokens has given rise to huge windfalls for those behind early virals. Sirin Kale and Alex Hern explain all How to listen to podcasts: everything y...

Revisited: Why is Sex and the City coming back to our screens?

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Guardian columnist Hadley Freeman discusses why Sex and the City was such a successful TV series, while the Guardian’s deputy television editor, Hannah J Davies, looks at what the reboot tells us about TV commissionin...

Revisited: Inside the ’Ndrangheta trial – podcast

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Guardian journalists Lorenzo Tondo and Clare Longrigg discuss the largest mafia trial in three decades. At the centre is Emanuele Mancuso, son of boss Luni Mancuso, who has been revealing the clan’s secrets after acce...

The Fortune Men by Nadifa Mohamed review – a miscarriage of justice revisited

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Fifehead revisited: my ride through north Dorset’s mysterious past

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My bike has mostly been unused this winter. In me at least, lockdown inspired a need to walk rather than cycle, but today I took a short ride through the lanes of north Dorset to the village of Fifehead Magdalen. Il ...