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Free by Lea Ypi review – a riveting portrait of growing up in communist Albania

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Nel 1990 Lea Ypi was asked to write a school essay. The theme was a former prime minister who had brought disgrace to her socialist homeland, Albania. This man – a traitor, according to Ypi’s teacher Nora – had handed ...

The North Water review – a riveting voyage of blood, sweat and beards

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It is September, and time for the televisual equivalent of 40 denier tights, sweaters and defiantly unsalady food at last. BBC Two has provided it, in the form of five-part series The North Water, directed by Andrew H...

The Killing of Two Lovers review – a riveting portrait of male rage

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Pain and rage pulse through this superbly made drama about marital breakdown and male humiliation. The tension is cranked up in its shocking first scene, which works cleverly in tandem with the title, but writer-direc...