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Malindadzimu review – a poignant quest to confront Africa’s past

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Malindadzimu is a mother-daughter soap opera that takes in the enormous story of Africa’s imperial legacy. It begins in an NHS emergency room in Nottingham where a depressed teenager has taken an overdose, and continu...

Naomi Osaka review – a poignant, painful look at the life of the tennis wunderkind

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There is a problem that sometimes afflicts documentaries about sports personalities, in that the phrase can be an oxymoron. This is not intended to be an insult: sporting excellence on an international level requires ...

Apples review – a poignant tale of global memory loss

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This quietly satirical and unexpectedly moving debut feature from director and co-writer Christos Nikou, who cut his teeth as an assistant director on Dogtooth, was Greece’s entry for the international feature Oscar a...