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Erasure review – a heady cocktail of corsets and classics

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It’s hard to tell if Andy Bell spent 18 months or 18 seconds pondering his outfit for the opening night of Erasure’s first post-pandemic tour – an understated below-the-nipple bright blue corset and yellow tartan trew...

Sound Cistem review – a heady disco of trans stories

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“They say it’s trans people who are obsessed with gender, but it’s cis people who are.” Featuring the unfiltered voices of young trans and non-binary people, this searing, sweaty disco is a heady exploration of identi...

Night of the Kings review – a heady Ivorian brew of fact and fantasy

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Of the three Ivory Coast submissions for the foreign language film Oscar over the years, two have been by the writer-director Philippe Lacôte: 2014’s Run, which was widely regarded as heralding an Ivorian film-making ...