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‘A bold agenda’: hopes rise for US climate change reversal as Deb Haaland sworn in

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After four years under an administration that denied the climate crisis, opened public lands to oil and gas drilling and stripped protections from national monuments, the US interior department will look radically dif...

‘They set a torch to it’: Warren says court lost legitimacy with Roe reversal

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Leading Democrats on Sunday continued calling the supreme court’s legitimacy into question after it took away the nationwide right to abortion last week, and some again called for appointing additional justices to the...

‘We’re making harm reduction cool’: overdose reversal Narcan becomes a rave essential

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It’s Saturday night in Los Angeles, and Marie is heading to a rave downtown. She arrives before the doors open, creating a chillout zone by fluffing out a rug and pillows. Then, she lays a hundred little green packets...

Ageing reversal: scientists rejuvenate tissues in middle-aged mice

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The prospect of medical therapies that rewind the clock on the ageing process has edged a little closer after scientists safely rejuvenated tissues in middle-aged mice. Researchers in the US treated healthy animals wi...

Australian doctors condemn vaccine ‘farce’ after AstraZeneca reversal

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Doctors’ clinics are being inundated with calls from confused patients after Thursday’s vaccine announcement, and at least one has warned his clinic is considering withdrawing from the rollout due to delivery failures...

The dystopian American reality one month after the Roe v Wade reversal

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Severe new restrictions upend reproductive care across whole regions of the US. Patients report delays for procedures that were once common and routine, as doctors fear vague new laws with criminal penalties. A 10-yea...

UK-based doctor under investigation over abortion ‘reversal’ medication

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A UK-based doctor is under investigation for offering to prescribe abortion “reversal” medication, an “unproven and experimental” treatment promoted by US-based anti-abortion activists. The doctor allegedly offered to...

UN official on Roe v Wade: reversal would ‘give legitimacy to growing anti-women’s rights’

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The United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, one of the international body’s most important human rights advocates, has urged the US supreme court not to end federal protections for abortion rights in...

US supreme court abortion reversal would be global ‘catastrophe’ for women

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The probable demise of abortion as a federal right in the US will be a “catastrophe” for women in low and middle-income countries, with an emboldened anti-choice movement likely to raise renewed pressure on hard-won g...