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WPP revenues back to pre-Covid levels as advertising rebounds

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WPP, the world’s biggest advertising group, has grown its revenues back to pre-pandemic levels a year sooner than expected because of a record-setting rebound in global marketing spend. WPP reported that underlying re...

ByteDance revenues more than double on back of TikTok boom

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ByteDance, the Chinese parent of TikTok, more than doubled its revenues last year as usage of the hugely popular video app boomed. Die maatskappy, which last year weathered pressure from Donald Trump to sell its US opera...

UK lost £16bn in tax revenues over nine years under Conservatives, sê Arbeid

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The UK lost £16.7bn in tax revenues over nine years of slow growth under the Conservatives, figures unearthed by Labour show, as the party seeks to underline the economic effects of the Tories in office. Arbeid, under...

Vodafone shares sink after revenues slump

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Vodafone was the biggest faller on the FTSE 100 on Tuesday as investors reacted to lower than expected profits, a decline inrevenues due to the impact of pandemic travel bans and a drop in smartphone sales. While Vo...

IG Group revenues boosted by GameStop stock market trading

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The frenzy of stock market trading linked to “meme stocks” such as GameStop has helped the investing website IG Group attract a record number of traders. Retail investors piled into shares including GameStop, a US vid...