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European football clubs’ revenue declines by £3.4bn over pandemic

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The pandemic led to a rare decline in the financial firepower of European football during 2019-20, according to a report that charts how Covid-19 has affected the hierarchy of the continental game. The combined revenu...

Next to repay £29m in Covid rates relief amid strong revenue growth

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Next has reported strong revenue growth as shoppers returned to its clothing stores after the Covid-19 lockdown reopening and as a result has decided to repay £29m of business rates relief to the government. Shares in...

Microsoft to let developers keep all their Windows app store revenue

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Microsoft will no longer force companies to pay it a cut of their revenue if they want a place on the Windows app store, the company has announced, in a move calculated to increase the regulatory pressure on Apple and...

WeWork’s losses quadruple to $2.1bn as work from home policies halve revenue

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WeWork’s losses quadrupled to $2.1bn (£1.47bn) in the first quarter as the pandemic-driven move to flexible working drove a 30% plunge in customers at the troubled office-sharing company. The company, which made a los...

Alphabet: revenue soared for Google owner as Covid brought more people online

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Revenue for Google’s parent company, Alphabet, jumped by 34% on the previous year in the first quarter of 2021, the company announced on Tuesday, fueled in part by a sustained surge in ad sales during a pandemic that ...