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'Absoluut waansin': Tieners in Melbourne onthul dat hulle agter die toonaangewende Covid -opsporingswebwerf staan

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Dit blyk dat een van die mees gesaghebbende Covid-19-opsporingswerwe in Australië deur drie tieners bestuur word. Die drietal, wat CovidbaseAU bestuur het, het deel geword van hul eie statistieke nadat hulle hul eerste dosis gekry het..

How leading thriller writer helped reveal plagiarism of Emmy prizewinner

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It was a just few seconds of vivid footage: joyous scenes of American troops on tanks and Jeeps driving down a Champs Élysées lined with cheering Parisian crowds. But the rare colour sequence, shot by one of the Holly...

Covid and Afghanistan ‘reveal weakness of UK’s security policy’

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The rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic have revealed “serious weaknesses” in the government’s approach to dealing with national security, according to a highly critical ...

Net 13 out of FTSE 100 employers reveal ethnicity pay gaps

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Enigste 13 van die 100 largest UK-listed employers have revealed their ethnicity pay gaps, sparking fresh calls for the government to make reporting of racial earnings disparities mandatory. Analysis of the FTSE 100, whic...

Australian foreign minister was told to close embassy before May visit to Kabul, documents reveal

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Defence and intelligence chiefs warned the Australian government multiple times in April the situation in Afghanistan could become dangerous enough to force the closure of the embassy, it has been revealed. The Depart...

Fragments of medieval Merlin manuscript found in Bristol library reveal ‘chaster’ story

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Fragments of a medieval manuscript telling the story of Merlin, which were discovered two years ago in a Bristol archive, contain “subtle but significant” variations on the Arthurian legend, academics have found. Die ...

Rex Patrick launches bid to make government reveal long-secret cabinet documents on Timor-Leste

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The government will be forced to defend its decision to withhold long-secret cabinet documents about negotiations with Timor-Leste in the years prior to the controversial bugging operation revealed by Witness K and Be...

Josh Frydenberg’s office intervened in superannuation consultation paper, FOI documents reveal

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Josh Frydenberg’s office intervened in the drafting of a consultation paper to make sure it linked proxy advisers to the issue of compulsory superannuation, a key battleground in the political war over retirement savi...

Tony Blair’s apology for Irish famine written by aides, papers reveal

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Tony Blair’s “apology” for the Irish famine on its 150th anniversary, greeted with plaudits and hailed as a significant moment in Anglo-Irish relations at the time, was hastily written by aides because they could not ...

Films reveal Bradford school’s efforts to help Roma pupils during pandemic

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“They’re wary of trusting schools,” says Matthew Langley, principal of Bowling Park primary school in Bradford, of the local Roma community. “They’re wary of trusting social workers or hospitals. And my sense is they’...

Miami condo collapse: reports reveal board’s long debate over repairs

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New reports have detailed long debate among condo board members at Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida, over extensive and costly repairs the building was expected to undergo before it collapsed on 24 Junie. O...

From classic to disposable: Gap UK closures reveal muddied identity

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The news that Gap is to close all 81 of its stores in the UK and Ireland will hardly come as a surprise to those in the fashion industry. Once a favourite of fashion insiders looking for classic minimal pieces without...

Researchers reveal corrosive power of Trump’s lie of a stolen election

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Geseënde Donderdag, Republicans across the country have embraced a similar refrain as they push for new restrictions on voting. A significant chunk of the American electorate doesn’t have confidence in the results of the ...

'Swangerskap is nog 'n verkoopspunt': die opkoms van die bekende bababultjie onthul

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Sondagaand, Cardi B het haar swangerskap op 'n tipiese manier van stilstand aangekondig: op die verhoog. By die BET-toekennings in Los Angeles, tydens 'n optrede met haar man, Offset se band, Migos, die rapper verskyn in 'n ruit ...

George Floyd’s family reveal their trauma at Chauvin sentencing – video

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George Floyd's family members asked for the maximum sentence for Derek Chavin, the white former Minneapolis police officer who was later sentenced to 22 years and six months in prison.Two months ago, Chauvin was convi...

Almost 600m NHS home Covid tests unaccounted for, auditors reveal

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Almost 600m lateral flow tests given to the public in England may not yet have been used, according to a report that says the hugely expensive test-and-trace system is still bedevilled by problems. The National Audit ...

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