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Scream returns: reinvention of slasher franchise revealed in new trailer

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The fifth Scream film is set to relaunch the meta slasher franchise for a new generation, as revealed in the first trailer. Original stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are returning for the first in...

Balloons fill sky over New Mexico as fiesta returns after Covid hiatus

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Hundreds of hot air balloons launched into the skies over Albuquerque, New Mexico, in the US on Saturday for the first time in two years, as the city’s balloon fiesta returned after a pause due to the coronavirus pand...

Succession returns: how did a nice lad from Oswestry make such a nasty TV show?

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Pulsing away unobserved, inside a room near Brixton underground station, is the heart of a callous transatlantic empire. From this modest south London location, a web of intrigue, corruption and betrayal spins out acr...

TV vanaand: Nick Broomfield returns to the scene of the crime

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Nick Broomfield and his unruly boom mic first ventured into the murky world of US hip-hop back in 2002. His doc Biggie & Tupac asked serious questions of both Death Row Records boss Suge Knight and the LAPD. Noth...

The Beauty Queen of Leenane review – Martin McDonagh’s raging black comedy returns

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Much has changed in Ireland since Martin McDonagh’s black comedy premiered in 1996, but the ramshackle Connemara hillside where this savage mother-daughter psychodrama plays out feels both petrified in perpetual darkn...

Rise and shine: the Big Breakfast returns – with a mission

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The anaemic state of UK breakfast telly in 2021 might lead some to feel nostalgic for the 90s. Destyds, The Big Breakfast offered up cheeky songs, rude puppets and an impromptu game of One Lump Or Two as an alternat...

Rejuvenated Mark Cavendish insists best is still to come as Tour of Britain returns

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After his astonishing comeback to claim four stage wins and the green jersey at this year’s Tour de France, Mark Cavendish now believes he has the potential to turn the clock back 10 years and return to the form of hi...

Gyms eye empty shops for extra space as UK returns to the treadmill

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Britons are heading back to the gym in big numbers as they look to get back into shape after the lockdowns of the past year and seek out the extra space to exercise away from home. The Gym Group has said its membershi...

TV vanaand: Mash’s snarky skewering of current affairs returns

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After four years on BBC Two, news satire The Mash Report was cancelled earlier this year. Initially a spin-off of the Daily Mash website, the show gained a committed following for hosts Nish Kumar and Rachel Parrish’...

TV vanaand: David Morrissey returns in Jez Butterworth’s Britannia

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A third series for Jez Butterworth’s daft but engaging semi-historical drama. Three years have passed since the Roman invasion and things seem to be settling down. David Morrissey’s Aulus is certain he has Druid head ...

‘White hat’ hacker behind $610m crypto heist returns most of money

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Hackers behind one of the biggest-ever digital coin heists have now returned nearly all of the $610m-plus they stole, the cryptocurrency platform targeted this week by the attack says. The Poly Network platform, which...

Australiese politiek leef: Labor calls for cash for Covid jabs as parliament returns; Westmead hospital worker tests positive

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Anthony Albanese wants the Morrison government to provide a one-off $300 payment to every person who has been fully vaccinated by 1 Desember. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Mahler & Ye: The Song of the Earth review – song-symphony returns to its golden age

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The texts that Mahler used for Das Lied von der Erde, his great song-symphony, came to him third-hand. The German words he set had been translated from the French, which was in turn versions of poems from the golden a...

Tonight’s TV: In Treatment returns after 10 jare

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After almost a decade away from the couch, we return to the therapist’s room for this smart and often emotionally agonising drama seeing therapy sessions play out in real time with fictional patients. Orange Is the N...

Singer-songwriter Stephen Fretwell returns: ‘I took a leap that cost me my marriage’

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In 2018, Stephen Fretwell was sitting in a class at the college where he had enrolled to do an A-level crammer course when a notification popped up on his phone. It was a link to a Pitchfork story about Arctic Monkeys...

Praatperde: why BHA will be in a tricky position if Zarooni returns

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Had things turned out differently for Mahmood al-Zarooni – had he not made what he described last week as his “big mistake” – he might well have woken up on Monday morning as one of the most famous and successful trai...

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