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Police appeal for Birmingham heart surgeon’s stolen glasses to be returned

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Police have launched an urgent appeal to find a heart surgeon’s operating glasses that were stolen from his car, leaving him unable to carry out procedures for weeks. Stephen Rooney uses his magnifying glasses, or lou...

‘The support left me speechless’: how Sarah Moore returned to W Series grid

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The British W Series driver Sarah Moore had been looking forward to going racing again this year. Instead she found herself confronted by one of the disheartening, blunt realities of the pandemic. Her income gone and ...

Yong Ae Yue: cooking and karaoke lover who had only recently returned to work

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Friends and family of Yong Ae Yue remembered the Seoul, Corea del Sur, native’s love of cooking and karaoke while paying tribute to her. An obituary for Yue, who was killed in Atlanta last week, said her most precious ...

Body of man killed in Greece in 2018 is returned home to UK

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The body of a man who was murdered in Greece has arrived back home in Manchester after a two-and-a-half-year legal battle. Lee Robinson, 41, was stabbed to death on the streets of Athens in December 2018. His family i...