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Jim Carrey ‘fairly serious’ about retiring after latest film

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The comic actor Jim Carrey has said that he is “fairly serious” about retiring after his latest film in an interview. El actor, best known for leading roles in films including Bruce Almighty, The Mask and How The Gri...

Cuando jubilarse "temprano" es la mejor medicina

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Cuando me retiré de la práctica general hace seis años 60, A menudo me preguntaban cuándo había tomado esta decisión., y mi respuesta fue siempre: "El día que empecé a trabajar". Yo creo 60 es una edad de jubilación razonable para cualquier alta ...

Moeen Ali on retiring from Test cricket: ‘I found it a struggle to get into the zone’

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Moeen Ali walks off the Test stage having achieved more than he ever dreamed of growing up and hopes his eight-year career in the longest format has paved the way for cricketers from a similar background to follow in ...

Former West Indies bowler Michael Holding retiring as TV commentator

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Michael Holding is retiring after 31 years as a TV commentator. The former West Indies fast bowler played 60 Tests and 102 one-day internationals, reclamando 391 wickets, before moving behind the microphone after his re...

Number of doctors retiring early trebles in England and Wales

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The number of doctors retiring early has more than trebled since 2008, prompting fears that burnout and high pension tax bills are prompting medics to leave the NHS. Tiempo 401 GPs and hospital doctors in England and W...

Brighton’s Aileen Whelan: ‘I’ll concentrate on child psychology after retiring

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Aileen Whelan has a double life. The Brighton forward holds a masters degree in child psychology and spends time away from football as a part-time play therapist, which is currently keeping her extremely busy. Covid-1...