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Retirement on hold for UK’s over-60s as cost of living crisis bites

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As her 66th birthday got closer Lindsay Hunt was making plans for her retirement. She hoped to volunteer at her local Citizens Advice office and find a course to learn something new, which she didn’t have time to do w...

Lawrenson’s retirement marks the end of football punditry’s era of innocence

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This is no tribute. In many ways to break out the violins for Mark Lawrenson would really be to miss the true essence of the man. You may even have missed his retirement last week amid the opera of season-ending farew...

Retirement savings reform is a good idea that both parties can get behind

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Congress is divided on just about every issue but a recent bill passed in the House of Representatives showed that there is at least one area that our representatives from both sides of the aisle can agree on: retirem...

Macron hints at compromise over plan to raise retirement age

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Emmanuel Macron has indicated he could compromise on his heavily contested proposal to raise France’s retirement age by three years to 65, in an attempt to court voters ahead of the decisive second-round presidential ...

Fourth House Republican who voted to impeach Trump announces retirement

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The Michigan congressman Fred Upton has become the fourth of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump over the Capitol attack to announce his retirement in November. The others are Adam Kinzinger of Illi...

Romney suggests cutting retirement benefits for younger Americans

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Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney has addressed the vexing question of how the US copes with its ageing population, suggesting that retirement benefits may have to be cut for younger Americans. In comments to ...

More affordable childcare would boost women’s retirement savings, il rapporto dice

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Women would be as much as $118,000 better off in retirement if subsidies were increased to make childcare more affordable, according to new research by Industry Super Australia (ISA). ISA said the move would help clos...

Pandemic-driven early retirement isn’t a silver lining when it’s because of ill health

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One of the lasting legacies of this pandemic is that almost half-a-million workers are missing from the labour market. This increase in inactivity – people neither working nor looking for work – is why our employment ...

Il centrocampista della Danimarca Christian Eriksen è stato ingaggiato dal Brentford con un contratto fino alla fine della stagione calcistica

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Il centrocampista della Danimarca Christian Eriksen è stato ingaggiato dal Brentford con un contratto fino alla fine della stagione calcistica

cosa ci dice sulla società la saga succhiasangue di Twilight

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cosa ci dice sulla società la saga succhiasangue di Twilight: cosa ci dice sulla società la saga succhiasangue di Twilight, cosa ci dice sulla società la saga succhiasangue di Twilight. cosa ci dice sulla società la saga succhiasangue di Twilight.

Il trionfo di Trueshan lascia Stradivarius in bilico verso la pensione

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Alla quinta volta che ho chiesto negli ultimi quattro mesi, Trueshan e Stradivarius si sono finalmente scontrati sabato nel Gruppo 1 Prix du Cadran. Il risultato è stato un enfatico successo per Trueshan, che lasciò Stradiv...

Are retirement properties sound investments or inheritance headaches?

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Almost one in eight (12%) over-70s are hoping to downsize their property or have done so already as a direct result of the pandemic. That is one of the findings from research shared with Guardian Money that suggests m...

USA Soccer great Carli Lloyd announces retirement

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Carli Lloyd, one of the greatest women’s soccer players, has announced her retirement, US Soccer said on Monday. The 39-year-old, twice named Fifa Women’s Player of the Year, is the second-most capped women’s player ...

Gender pension gap: how women can boost their retirement pot

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Women are still facing retirement with substantially less saved in their pensions than men. Low pay is a major contributing factor to the gender pension gap as women often take part-time positions or become self-emplo...

Scammers clone trusted brands to steal retirement money

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On her retirement, Janet Howland* searched online for suitable investments for her pension pot. Days after her internet search, she was telephoned by a company calling itself Saga Investments and offering a five-year ...

Share-housing in your 60s: ‘Six of us wanted to do retirement in an extraordinary way’

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We are three couples who decided on living together, 16 anni fa, in our retirement. The word “retirement” is a loose description as we, like many seniors are incredibly busy, wringing as much as we can out of what’s...

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