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‘My crime is I fell in love’: should India rethink tough laws on underage sex?

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Mani*, 21, began dating Noor*, 17, two years ago. They couldn’t see each other during the Covid lockdowns, but when restrictions began to ease, they would meet on the deserted banks of a canal in a small town in Tamil...

Johnson could rethink national insurance rise after Tory backlash

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Boris Johnson could rethink plans for a national insurance rise to fund an overhaul of social care, after a significant backlash from cabinet ministers and Conservative MPs. At least five cabinet ministers are said to...

Pollutionwatch: time to rethink London’s red routes

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dit is 30 years since the designation of London’s red routes, the 320-mile network that carries a third of the city’s traffic mainly through residential areas and alongside many schools. They include the South Circular...

The world needs babies. So we’d better rethink what we expect from mothers

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It didn’t take long for confident predictions of a Covid baby boom to emerge last spring. Locked up together, with only Netflix for company, what else are couples going to do? (Nudge, wink.) “Haven’t they heard of con...

Verteerde week: maybe time to rethink sleaze and say goodbye to Kane

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I had rather hoped that my daughter might choose to watch the Spurs game with me on Sunday night. But having just received the email notification of her second negative Covid test, which released her from quarantine...