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Boost self-isolation payments or risk Covid resurgence, los expertos dicen

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Payments to allow people with Covid symptoms to self-isolate need to be increased sharply or a return to normal life could lead to a resurgence in infections and deaths, ministers are being warned. Two leading thinkta...

Rising Covid infections spark fears of pandemic resurgence in US

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Buenos dias. A worrying rise in coronavirus cases in the US and many other places in the world is fueling concerns that the pandemic has come back for another round. El lunes, news about the spread of the highly con...

Warriors’ resurgence continues as Steph Curry grabs 50 points and 10 assists

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Stephen Curry scored an NBA season-high 50 points with nine three-pointers, 10 assists and seven rebounds, almost single-handedly leading the Golden State Warriors past the Atlanta Hawks 127-113 en la noche del lunes. Solo ...

Stagecoach and owner of Upper Crust lifted by commuting resurgence

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Stagecoach and the transport hub food specialist SSP have each reported a return of business to about two-thirds of pre-pandemic levels after a resurgence in commuting but warned of uncertainty ahead because of the ri...

Europe must deploy health ‘basics to curb Covid-19 resurgence

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Europeans need to “get back to basics” and use quarantining to battle the rise in infection rates that has emerged in half the region over the last week, according to the World Health Organization. Hans Kluge, the WHO...

Europe must ‘get back to basicsto curb Covid resurgence, dice quién

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WHO warns of time lag with vaccine impact, urging return to quarantine, test and trace, as cases rise 9%Europeans need to “get back to basics” and use quarantining to battle the rise in infection rates that has emerge...

George Segal: a defining face of 1970s Hollywood with a late-career resurgence

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George Segal was the handsome, easy-going, romantic comedy player of the 1970s, pretty much the male equivalent of Goldie Hawn, with whom he starred in the 1976 western romp The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox. His A-li...