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Appeals court rules Texas can continue to uphold restrictive abortion law

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Texas can continue banning most abortions after a federal appeals court on Thursday rejected the Biden administration’s latest attempt to undo a novel law that has become the country’s biggest curb to abortion in near...

Texas Republicans plot to resurrect restrictive voting bill after Democrats’ walkout

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Republicans in Texas are already plotting to resurrect their fight for sweeping voting restrictions after Democratic lawmakers walked out of the state capitol and blocked an 11th-hour attempt to ram through legislatio...

Delta and Coca-Cola pivot on Georgia’s restrictive voting law: ‘It’s unacceptable

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After weeks of pressure from activists some major companies and prominent Black executives are taking a somewhat harder line in speaking out against a new law in Georgia to restrict voting access. Delta Airlines, one...

Liz Cheney won’t link Trump’s election lies to restrictive Republican voting laws

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The Republican pariah Liz Cheney has repeatedly refused to admit a link between Donald Trump’s lies about voter fraud and restrictive voting laws being introduced in Republican states, telling an interviewer on Sunday...

Colbert: ‘Restrictive voting laws are being justified by the fig leaf of the big lie’

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Op die Late Show, Stephen Colbert discussed the wave of state-level restrictions on voting rights. Sedert die 2020 verkiesing, state lawmakers have enacted 28 laws in 17 states to curtail ballot access. “It’s gotten so b...

Texas Republicans revive restrictive voting bill as dozens testify against it

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Texas Republicans brought back their voting bill Monday with no changes as some Democrats returned to the Capitol for the first time since ending their holdout, making it clear that the bill is on track to become law ...

Die beperkende wet op aborsie in Texas, een dag nadat dit geblokkeer is, tydelik weer ingestel

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'N Federale appèlhof het Texas Vrydagaand toegelaat om die tydelike verbod op die meeste aborsies te hervat, net 'n dag nadat klinieke regoor die staat vir die eerste keer sedert begin September weer begin om pasiënte te bedien..