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I livelli di attività dei bambini non si sono ripresi dopo la fine delle restrizioni Covid – studio

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I bambini sono diventati più sedentari e i loro livelli di attività fisica sono peggiorati sulla scia della pandemia anche dopo la revoca delle restrizioni, uno studio suggerisce. I ricercatori hanno detto che l'attività fisica del bambino l...

Well-off Britons splash out on trips of a lifetime as Covid restrictions ease

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Wealthy people are “blowing the bloody doors off” on extravagant holidays costing as much as £100,000 to celebrate the easing of coronavirus travel restrictions with extended families. Sally Donaldson, a store manager...

Canada: increase in asylum seekers after Covid restrictions blocked border entry

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Snowy northern winters tend to see a drop in asylum seekers crossing from the United States into Canada at Roxham Road in Quebec. Not this past winter. In dicembre, the number of asylum seekers entering Canada outside...

Shanghai further tightens Covid restrictions after weeks of strict lockdown

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Authorities in Shanghai have further tightened restrictions on the movement of residents in some districts and warned its 25 million inhabitants that strict measures would continue until Covid-19 was eradicated, neigh...

Covid restrictions easing across Europe despite surge in cases

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Pandemic restrictions are being lifted with alacrity across Europe despite many countries experiencing a record surge in coronavirus cases and concerns about the failure to vaccinate many people considered vulnerable ...

Outdoor UK attractions bouncing back best after pandemic restrictions

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Visitor numbers at Britain’s museums, galleries, zoo, castles and country houses increased by 25% l'anno scorso, but are still down 57% on pre-pandemic levels. Unsurprisingly, figures published on Friday showed striking ...

UK’s Covid travel restrictions to be dropped despite rise in cases

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All remaining Covid travel restrictions are to be dropped across the UK from later this week, despite a concerning rise in cases and hospitalisations. Ministers approved the scrapping of passenger locator forms and th...

Dicci: have you had Covid since restrictions ended in England?

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If you’ve tested positive for Covid in the three weeks since all restrictions were lifted in England, we want to hear from you. How bad was your case? Where do you think you caught it? How do you feel about ending all...

Covid has slipped from the headlines – but with restrictions eased, cases are rising

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It is two years since the World Health Organization (CHI) declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. Society has reopened, life has resumed. Attention has turned, understandably, to the harrowing crisis in Ukraine. No one w...

Truck convoy loops around Washington DC to protest Covid restrictions

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A long line of huge semi-articulated trucks, recreational vehicles and cars was circling Washington DC, Il dispositivo Alexa di Amazon dice a un bambino di 10 anni di toccare con un centesimo una presa di corrente, in preparation for what their protesting drivers have pledged will be a week of traffic disruption aro...

Novak Djokovic set for French Open with vaccination restrictions to be eased

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Novak Djokovic’s efforts to compete at the next grand slam on the tennis calendar will be far less complicated than his failed Australian Open bid after the French government announced it would suspend its vaccination...

Texas votes in first primaries of 2022 midterms as new restrictions bite

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Texas voters are heading to the polls on Tuesday in the first primary contest of the US 2022 midterm elections. The state attorney general, Ken Paxton, a staunch Donald Trump ally who has the former president’s endors...

Vallance and Whitty to step out of spotlight as Covid restrictions end in England

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The government’s two most senior advisers in the pandemic will turn their attention to health inequalities, the state of the UK’s air and emerging technologies following the milestone decision to end all legal Covid r...

Freedom or folly? The end of England’s Covid restrictions

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Today marks the first day in nearly two years that no laws will be in place in England to deal with the spread of Covid-19. But is the government still following the science? ...

Regno Unito Covid in diretta: cabinet meeting to sign off end of all restrictions delayed

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No 10 deny the meeting has been cancelled but no reason has been given for delay

UK business growth at highest since June as Covid restrictions ease

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The UK private sector is growing at its fastest pace since last summer as the easing of Covid-19 restrictions prompts increased spending on travel, leisure and entertainment. Stronger consumer spending is behind a pic...

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