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What do you think is the right balance in the UK between restrictions and the impact from Covid?

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Despite a high number of cases and deaths compared to some other countries, we want hear views from people around the UK about the Covid state we are in. What do you feel is the right balance between restrictions and ...

England’s last Covid ‘red list’ restrictions confound South Americans

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England’s decision to maintain strict Covid travel rules for seven South American and Caribbean countries has prompted further fury and confusion in the nations which remain on the “red list”. Ministers announced on ...

Covid restrictions could hinder Cop26 delegates and observers

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Cop26 will be a “conference of the parties” like no other, as this is a year like no other. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way Cop26 will operate, and that has many worrying implications. Cop26 should have take...

Aggiornamento in tempo reale delle notizie sul Covid in Australia: record del NSW 587 cases as Perrottet announces restrictions changes; Victoria records 1,638 casi, two deaths

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Victoria reports 1,638 new cases and two deaths; Dominic Perrottet announces adjustments to the NSW Covid roadmap – all NSW children to return to school by 25 October as state records 587 casi; French ambassador to r...

US states enacted more abortion restrictions this year than in 1973 – or any other year

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Originally published by the 19th More abortion restrictions have been enacted this year than any other, con 19 statehouses passing 106 new limitations on the procedure, per an analysis first shared with the 19th. A d...

Fox News host Tucker Carlson rails against Australia’s ‘horrifying’ Covid restrictions

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson has condemned Australia’s response to Covid as a “horrifying” attack on civil liberties which betrays the country’s reputation for “rugged individualism”. “To see your media, and most of y...

Victoria Covid restrictions: Melbourne lockdown, curfew and regional Vic coronavirus rules explained

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Melbourne restrictions eased slightly from Wednesday 29 September when Victoria hit its 80% first dose vaccination target. The Moorabool shire and Shepparton were to enter seven-day lockdowns from 11.59pm on Friday 1 ...

Taste of freedom: Auckland residents rush to fast-food joints as Covid restrictions ease

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Thousands of Aucklanders who had been deprived of greasy fries, burgers and spicy chicken for more than a month have flocked to their local fast-food joints to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions. Queues beg...

‘Calculated risk’: Ardern gambles as New Zealand Covid restrictions eased

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New Zealand is loosening its Covid restrictions, even as a handful of cases continue to circulate in the community, a move experts say represents a roll of the dice for a country that has steadfastly pursued an elimin...

New NSW Covid lockdown restrictions: update to Sydney, NSW regionale e Canberra, ACT coronavirus rules explained

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The premier, Gladys Berejiklian, has announced that a curfew in the 12 greater Sydney hotspots has lifted as the state hit the 80% single dose vaccination milestone. She announced on 19 September that from Monday 20 S...

New Doherty modelling advises ‘medium’ Covid restrictions until Australia reaches 80% vaccinazione

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New Doherty Institute modelling presented to national cabinet warns that maintaining “medium” public health and social measures would be “prudent” until Australia reaches 80% vaccination if caseloads are high – with “...

No independence referendum until Covid restrictions lifted, Sturgeon says

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A second referendum on Scottish independence will not be held until all day-to-day Covid restrictions have been lifted, Nicola Sturgeon has said. The first minister has repeatedly pledged to hold another poll by the e...

Texas governor signs controversial voting restrictions into law

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The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has signed into law highly controversial new restrictions on voting access, which voting rights advocates say unfairly target people of color and seek to preserve Republi...

Notizie dal vivo sul coronavirus: Mississippi hospitals overwhelmed; New Zealand eases restrictions outside Auckland

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Mississippi is least vaccinated state in US; New Zealand reports 20 new cases for third day

Apple concedes on ‘anticompetitive’ restrictions in App Store

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Apple has made a significant concession in its battle for control of the App Store, after the Japanese trade commission ruled that the company’s restrictions on apps such as Spotify, Netflix and Kindle were anticompet...

Texas legislature gives final approval to sweeping voting restrictions bill

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The Texas legislature gave its final approval on Tuesday to a new bill that would impose substantial new restrictions on voting access in the state. The restrictions would only add to those already in place in Texas,...

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