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Taste of freedom: Auckland residents rush to fast-food joints as Covid restrictions ease

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Thousands of Aucklanders who had been deprived of greasy fries, burgers and spicy chicken for more than a month have flocked to their local fast-food joints to celebrate the easing of lockdown restrictions. Queues beg...

‘Calculated risk’: Ardern gambles as New Zealand Covid restrictions eased

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New Zealand is loosening its Covid restrictions, even as a handful of cases continue to circulate in the community, a move experts say represents a roll of the dice for a country that has steadfastly pursued an elimin...

Nuwe beperkings vir die sluit van NSW Covid: opdatering na Sydney, plaaslike NSW en Canberra, ACT -reëls vir koronavirus verduidelik

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Die premier, Gladys Berejiklian, het aangekondig dat 'n aandklokreël in die 12 groter hotspots in Sydney het opgehef namate die staat die 80% enkele dosis inentings mylpaal. Sy het aangekondig op 19 September wat vanaf Maandag 20 S ...

Nuwe Doherty -modellering adviseer 'medium' Covid -beperkings totdat Australië dit bereik 80% inenting

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Die nuwe model van die Doherty Institute wat aan die nasionale kabinet voorgehou word, waarsku dat die handhawing van 'medium' openbare gesondheids- en maatskaplike maatreëls 'verstandig' sou wees totdat Australië bereik het 80% inenting as die gevalle groot is - met '...

No independence referendum until Covid restrictions lifted, Sturgeon says

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A second referendum on Scottish independence will not be held until all day-to-day Covid restrictions have been lifted, Nicola Sturgeon has said. The first minister has repeatedly pledged to hold another poll by the e...

Texas governor signs controversial voting restrictions into law

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The Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has signed into law highly controversial new restrictions on voting access, which voting rights advocates say unfairly target people of color and seek to preserve Republi...

Coronavirus live nuus: Mississippi -hospitale is oorweldig; Nieu -Seeland verlig beperkings buite Auckland

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Mississippi is die minste ingeënt in die VSA; Nieu -Seeland berig 20 nuwe gevalle vir die derde dag

Apple concedes on ‘anticompetitive’ restrictions in App Store

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Apple has made a significant concession in its battle for control of the App Store, after the Japanese trade commission ruled that the company’s restrictions on apps such as Spotify, Netflix and Kindle were anticompet...

Texas legislature gives final approval to sweeping voting restrictions bill

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The Texas legislature gave its final approval on Tuesday to a new bill that would impose substantial new restrictions on voting access in the state. The restrictions would only add to those already in place in Texas,...

Children return to school in Jakarta as Indonesia eases Covid restrictions

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After almost 18 maande, children in Jakarta will begin to re-enter classrooms on Monday, as Indonesia, which faces on of the worst Covid outbreaks globally, eases restrictions in some areas. Indonesia began gradually ...

Qld Covid restrictions: Brisbane and regional Queensland coronavirus rules explained

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The Queensland government is ending restrictions in the south-east of the state as of 4pm on Friday 27 Augustus. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said masks will still be compulsory indoors, but gatherings of up to 100 peo...

Texas house passes sweeping voting restrictions bill

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The Texas house of representatives has passed a sweeping elections bill that would prohibit 24-hour and drive-through voting, block election officials from sending out absentee ballot applications, impose new identifi...

NSW Covid lockdown restrictions: opdatering na Sydney, plaaslike NSW en Canberra, ACT -reëls vir koronavirus verduidelik

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NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a plan for schools to return to face-to-face learning from October 25. Students will return on a staggered basis, with kindergarten and year one students to return to the c...

Scott Morrison rejects warning of 25,000 deaths if Covid restrictions end with 80% vaccinated

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Scott Morrison has rejected modelling that warns Australia could face 25,000 deaths and 270,000 cases of long Covid if lockdowns and public health restrictions end once 80% of the adult population is vaccinated. Morri...

Liverpool refuse to release Mohamed Salah for Egypt duty over quarantine restrictions

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Liverpool have refused to release Mohamed Salah for international duty next week due to the quarantine restrictions the striker would face on his return to the UK. Liverpool, along with other members of the European C...

Thousands protest against Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions – video

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An anti-lockdown protest held in Melbourne on Saturday was one of the most violent the city has had in 20 jare, Victoria’s top police officer says.Thousands gathered in the streets leading to more than 200 arrests an...

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