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Biden restores beloved national monuments, reversing Trump cuts

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Joe Biden restored environmental protections on Friday to three national monuments and their vast expanse of vital ecosystems and sacred Indigenous spaces, reversing cuts made by Donald Trump. “These protections provi...

‘It restores my soul’: pandemic offers unexpected boon to Guam indigenous language learners

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Antoinette Charfauros McDaniel, a 58-year-old retired professor in Ohio, is trying to study her mother tongue. CHamoru, Guam’s indigenous language, is dying, with just 20,000 of the 168,000-strong population of the is...

Ryanair passenger numbers soar as Covid vaccine restores travel confidence

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Ryanair’s passenger numbers surged in June, with the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination programmes across Europe boosting confidence in air travel. The no-frills airline, which in June reported the biggest annual loss in...

Israel restores indoor mask requirement after rise in Covid cases

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Israel has decided to reimpose the mandatory wearing of masks in enclosed public spaces owing to a rise in Covid-19 cases just 10 days after the measure was lifted – a blow for a country that has prided itself on one ...

Amnesty International restores Alexei Navalny’s prisoner of conscience status

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Amnesty International has apologized to the jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny for stripping him of its “prisoner of conscience” status and said it would restore the designation. Amnesty announced on 24 February tha...

Oregon restores restrictions amid Covid surge boosted by vaccine hesitancy

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Oregon has reimposed restrictions on public gatherings as Covid-19 cases rise again, a reminder that even as 100 millions Americans are now fully vaccinated, states are still seeing localized outbreaks. Fifteen of Or...