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Haugen, London E20: ‘A whole lot of yodelling and melted gruyere’ – restaurant review

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It is impossible to miss Haugen, a multi-floored, pagoda-shaped, alpine-themed fondue restaurant that’s appeared in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, east London. As erections go, it is remarkable. Look out for the mu...

Fatiga, Londres: "La pasta es preciosa" - reseña del restaurante

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Fatiga, 71 Berwick Street, Londres W1F 8TB (020 3609 5536). Entrantes £ 8- £ 12, platos principales £ 9- £ 18, postres £ 8- £ 9, vinos desde £ 25 Sabía que tenía un sentido mi pelo ridículo. Es esta revisión. Porque sin mi cris de la mediana edad ....

Thai restaurant makes waves as customers flock for flood dining – video

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Riverside restaurant owner Titiporn Jutimanon was convinced a bout of flooding in Thailand could be the end of a business already struggling from the pandemic. But with the rising tide of the Chao Phraya River this we...

Bibi, Londres W1: ‘Genius and subversive’ – restaurant review

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Bibi is a new high-end opening in the capital, of which there is currently no shortage. “High-end” is a coy way that hospitality people communicate the notion of imported chandeliers, four-ply loo roll, complex cockta...

Thai restaurant rides wave of success as customers flock to dine in floodwaters

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Riverside restaurant owner Titiporn Jutimanon feared that the floods afflicting many parts of Thailand could be the end of a business already struggling from the pandemic. But with the rising tide of the Chao Phraya r...

El Wigmore, Londres: "La mejor tostada de queso de la ciudad" - reseña del restaurante

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El Wigmore, 15 Langham Place, Londres W1B 3DE (020 7965 0198). Tostada £ 13, snacks £ 5.50- £ 7.75, platos principales £ 14- £ 16, postre £ 5, cervezas desde £ 5 la pinta, vinos desde £ 28.50 La felicidad es una tostada de queso bien hecha. La estufa XXL..

Demonio, Londres W10: 'Inteligente, deliciosamente errático y un poco desconcertante "- reseña del restaurante

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Algunos restaurantes acechan en mi diario durante semanas, infundir ansiedad leve en lugar de anticipación alegre. Fiend fue uno de esos ejemplos. Comenzó con el nombre, que no susurra ecuanimidad, ensoñación o delicia ....

Sessions Arts Club, London EC1: ‘Decadent and sexy’ – restaurant review

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Sessions Arts Club in Clerkenwell is not a private members’ club, but it has the feel of some of the best ones from the 1980s and 1990s, back when such places were secretive and insalubrious boltholes. Pop in on a Thu...

‘Pay me my worth’: restaurant workers demand livable wages as industry continues to falter

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After the traumas of widespread economic shutdowns during the coronavirus pandemic, America’s restaurant industry is largely open for business again as eateries ranging from high-end bistros to fast-food chains are se...

Tofu Vegan, Londres: ‘Bring on the big hitters’ – restaurant review

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Tofu Vegan, 105 Upper Street, London N1 1QN (020 7916 3304). Starters and dim sum £5.50-£8.50, large plates £7.90-£14.80, desserts £4.80, wines from £18.50 A dozen years ago, an editor invited me to go vegan for two w...

The Compasses Inn, Crundale, Kent: ‘Wherever they go, I will follow’ – restaurant review

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My bid to wax lyrical about The Compasses Inn in Crundale, Kent, comes with unfortunate timing. I’ve wanted to shout about this award-winning gastropub ever since I stopped by a month or so ago, curious as to why food...

Restaurant workers are getting stiffed. It’s time for employers to pay up

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This may come as a shock to some but there’s a different minimum wage for restaurant employees than for workers in most other industries. In Pennsylvania, por ejemplo, that minimum wage is just $2.83 per hour. Every ...

The Pigs, Norfolk: ‘Lives up to its name’ – restaurant review

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The Pigs, Edgefield near Holt, Norfolk NR24 2RL (01263 587634). Starters £4.50 or £8 per head for a selection, mains £14-£15.50, desserts £6.25, wines from £21 Restaurant names matter. If you reference hedgerows, peta...

Marugame Udon, London E1: ‘It’s is bit Wagamama meets Ikea cafe’ – restaurant review

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A decent lunch for less than a fiver, as offered at global mega-chain Marugame Udon, is not something that often crosses my radar. In London, especially, there has been a recent post-lockdown glut of new openings with...

Mangal 2, Londres: ‘It’s brave and compelling and properly delicious’ – restaurant review

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Mangal 2, 4 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 7XN (020 7254 7888). Small plates £5-£12, large plates £14-£19, desserts £7.50-£8.50, wines from £28 If Mangal 2 were located almost anywhere else in London, it would not s...

The GPO, Liverpool: ‘They’re trying to work all the angles’ – restaurant review

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The GPO, Metquarter, 35 Whitechapel, Liverpool L1 6DA. Book online at All dishes across the menus £4-£16. Wines from £18 The app wants to be reassuring. sí, of course I can have half a fried chicken wi...

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