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‘Many hold Gove responsible’: education guru sets out what’s wrong with England’s schools

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The veteran educationist Sir Tim Brighouse is in an optimistic mood. This may be a period of “doubt and disillusion”, especially as Covid threatens to disrupt another school year, but in his view such times inevitably...

Australia politics live update: Albanese says PM ‘responsible’ for not condemning protesters’ violent threats; parliament returns; NT Covid cluster grows

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Simon Birmingham condemns threats of violence at protests; Morrison government faces battle over key legislation; SA deputy premier steps down from ministerial roles; authorities fear further outbreaks in Northern Ter...

It is men, not women, who are responsible for male violence

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The outpouring on social media about the appalling case of Sarah Everard, from women across the country, reflects that in each of our minds this violence could have happened to our sister, our daughter, our colleague ...

Capital Gazette shooting: jury finds man who killed five people criminally responsible

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A jury on Thursday found the gunman who killed five people at a Maryland newspaper criminally responsible, rejecting defense attorneys’ mental illness arguments. The jury of eight men and four women found that Jarrod ...

Divestment or engagement: how can responsible investors change corporate behaviour?

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It has become a key debate for responsible investors. Should shareholders sell their stake in companies that fall short on ethical or environmental issues, or should they instead retain their holding and use their pos...

The climate crisis is destroying the human rights of those least responsible for it

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Climate breakdown is making a mockery of human rights. Start with the most fundamental right of all: the right to life, liberty and security. Two million people have died as a result of a five-fold increase in weather...

Small number of Facebook users responsible for most Covid vaccine skepticism – report

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A small subset of Facebook users is reportedly responsible for the majority of content expressing or encouraging skepticism about Covid-19 vaccines, according to early results from an internal Facebook study. The stud...

Responsible investing: where to start – and the financial basics you need to understand

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Responsible investing can feel a lot more daunting than responsible shopping. Dopotutto, when you decide to swap your weekly grocery shop with a basket of more eco-friendly substitutes, you already know the difference...